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Assassin Marks


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Not sure what exactly the bug is in the first place, so I place it in General:


I was running a Syndicate Survival with another player. While doing that, the G3 showed up. We took them out, the last one while we both were downed.

Then we finished the Survival.


We both checked afterwards whose mark it was, be both still had our marks. I had all three marks on me at that time (G3, Zanuka, Stalker)


After that, we ran an alert, two other players joined it (it was one for the Rhino Vanguard Helmet)


Now one of the players left, and we had a host migration


After that, we ran another Syndicate mission (i had ran that before), on Mantle, Earth. Shortly in the mission the G3 income signs showed up.


Our third player left, we had host migration signs - and I was put alone in the Liset. (that was shortly before the hotfix)

FIRST BUG! - I don't want someone leaving to take me with him.


I checked my marks at that time - and G3 and Zanuka signs were gone.



I checked my marks a little bit later again - and the Zanuka mark is there again.


So whatever it is exactly the marks are off somehow.

Maybe they just update too slow, or it's something else, no idea.

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