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Warframe Exploration & Glitching


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I recorded a bunch of stuff back when I was playing just before melee 2.0 release, some 300gb of fraps video.  A lot of exploring and eventually glitching through terrain and getting to areas you can't normally reach.  I was going to make a youtube channel out of it, but I ended up burning myself out on Warframe in the process.


Decided I wanted the hdd space more than the in depth recording of me smashing my face into random objects with Zephyr for 10 hours trying to find holes in the collision mesh.  Here is an imgur album of the most interesting stuff.




Also, going to note that this was done using Zephyr's abilities, whatever random layout that happened to be generated for the tilesets shown, and a lot of patience.  I did not 'hack' or otherwise 'exploit' the game using methods normally unavailable to players.  If i was hacking I would have at least stopped myself from falling through the level and dying from the fall ~80 times.

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