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Has Anyone Ever Completed The Elytron?



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Yes, it is possible.  It took me about 30 runs... and me screaming my head off when a T4 void key was the reward at wave 4. 


What is your issue exactly, not getting to wave 4, or not having the parts drop?


If it isn't getting to wave 4, it's best to swarm as a group and take the points where the enemy is not, kill some, and fly immediately to another point.  This way, the enemy will rarely ever have 2/3 nodes captured at once.  I would also recommend having a potato on your gun and having decent mods on your Archwing, and doing it with Rhino or Rhino Prime with maxed Vitality, Redirection, Steel Fiber, and either go for longer duration or Vigor mods.


If it is part drops... that's all RNG.

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Got the Elytron. It's bad. Much worse than the Odonata. 


But if you insist to farm for it, the MOST EFFICIENT way to do that mission is, contrary to popular belief, NOT KILLING ENEMIES. You use the EMP of Odonata to PERMANENTLY disable/disarm the enemies. Then you leave them there and capture the points. Don't kill them. As long as they're there doing nothing, no new enemies will spawn to replace them. This method turns the mission into a cakewalk. The only requirement is you bring some energy restore. 


Or you can do it the hard way (as I did for the first several times): get all the mods for the Imperator (don't need Automatic Trigger if you can't get it), use Valkyr with maxed everything. This also turns that mission into a cakewalk. You just need the mods.  

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