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Seeking Fire: What Exactly Is The Power Range Stat Referring To?


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According to the Arsenal UI, Seeking Fire has a range of 60 / 85 / 90 / 120 meters. It's important to note that currently, range measurements in Archwing missions are four times larger than what's reported in ability stats. In an Archwing mission, I should expect Seeking Fire to have a range of 240 / 340 / 360 / 480 meters based on in-game navigation.


Given these adjusted range values, I suspect the power range stat is either referring to the tracking range or the maximum range of each missile before exploding. Those values are too large to be referring to each missile's explosion radius.


After a series of tests, I'm noticing that Seeking Fire will not track enemies beyond 230-240 meters regardless of rank. Equipping Energy Amplifier has no effect on this tracking range. Each missile also explodes after traveling 600 meters, which also does not appear to change with rank and is not affected by Energy Amplifier.


 - Converting the units of the Archwing range measurements to match the units of the UI, Seeking Fire has a tracking range of 57.5-60 meters, and each missile will travel 150 meters before exploding. So what exactly is the power range stat referring to?


- If the power range stat is indeed the tracking range, then I can report that Seeking Fire is not functioning as intended. Regardless of rank, Seeking Fire uses the rank 0 tracking range.


If there's something that I'm overlooking, don't hesitate to correct me.

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