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We Are The Gangsta Crew


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     I see many of you wish for a structured and active clan in which you have an influence in.  We have recently completed our clan's research.  We are working on our alliances soon.  Our clan has several daily active members and are looking to expand!  There are concerns with how ranking will be handled and we have come with an appropriate ranking structure.


The Two Primarchs:  The Leaders.  The executives who maintain fairness.


Executive Officer:  This rank will be equivalent to General.  These members have demonstrated leadership and help to their fellow Tenno.  A Mastery Rank of 7 or higher is required.  They will ensure that the clan maintains effective teamwork and efficency.


Councillor:  This rank will be the equivalent to Officer.  These members have demonstrated leadership and have strong clan aspirations.  A mastery of 5 or higher is required.  They will help direct the path of the clan towards success.


Mentor:  This will be equivalent to the Leader rank.  These members will have a mastery level of at least 2 and have the honor of ensuring the success through combat leadership and teamwork skills.


Loremaster:  The equivalent to Sage rank.  They know the clan's goals and the game itself.  Their weapon is not only their combat prowess, but their knowledge.  


Agent:  Equivalent to Soldier rank, who execute their tasks with extreme predjuidace. They are the backbone!




      We want to present you with a tight, and effective variety of players to make a group of hyper effective space, ninja, killing machines!  The clan is a means to giving you helpful comrades and good gear!  We look forward to giving you just that!


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