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 Any players may join, however you must login at least once a week, members offline for over 300days will be dealt with





All labs are built

Alot of things research




We have friendly and knowledgeable members, we have members back from beta, and new and fresh


We are active everyday

Sometimes we have clan contests with rewards of platinum and prime parts




1)We do not accept rude and racist members. Members being mean and nasty can be reported


2)Do not ask for promotions in rank


3)Be online at least once a week


4)We accept members of all regions


5)We treat each others the SAME, if a member who is higher in rank threatens to kick you out of the clan[if the right rank] you can pm a member that is ranked[Grandmaster Tenno], and it will be dealt with fairly


6)Anyone any rank can recruit members




Grandmaster Tenno | Members this rank are limited to people I trust


         | Permission: Everything


Tenno Master| Members this rank are highly active, loyal [Have not left the clan], and trustworthy


          | Permissions: Recruiter-Promotion-Architect-Host-Treasurer-Tech-Tactician


Honored Tenno| You need to win a contest to earn this rank


           | Permissions: Recruiter-Host-Treasurer-Tech-Tactician


Tenno Commander| Be active, friendly, loyal and follow the rules


            | Permissions: Recruiter-Host-Treasurer-Tech


Tenno Leader| Be active, friendly, loyal and follow the rules


            | Permissions: Recruiter-Host-Treasurer-Tech


Tenno Warrior| Be active,friendly and work hard on the dojo


            | Permissions: Recruiter-Host-Treasurer-Tech


True Tenno| Be Active for 1-2 weeks


            | Permissions: Recruiter-Host-Treasurer-Tech


Tenno| Default Rank


            | Permissions: Recruiter-Host-Treasurer-Tech 




           Walso have our own WEBSITE!          Website


PM TheSioux7065

Add me as a friend and PM ingame

Or visit our website


PM me or comment if you want to join!

my IGN: TheSioux7065


See you tenno!

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