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**wtt/s Prime Parts**


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-Akbronco P BP x2

-Ankyros P BP

-Bo P Ornament

-Boltor P Receiver

-Burston P Stock x2

-Dakra P Blade

-Ember P Chassis

-Ember P Helmet x3

-Fang P Blade x2

-Lex P Barrel

-Mag P BP x2

-Mag P Chassis x2

-Orthos P Handle

-Rhino P Systems

-Sicarus P Barrel

-Wyrm P BP


- Shred (Rifle Mod)

-Ice Storm MAXED (Pistol Mod)

-Pistol Pestilence (Mod)

-Pistol Ammo Mutation (Mod)

-Virulent Scourge (Melee Mod)



-Ember P Systems

-Paris P Upper Limb

-Paris P String

-Split Chamber


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