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Best Corpus Killing Machines?



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I think that any of the "so called top/OP weapons" is good for that


Amprex, Soma, Boltor Prime, Phage, etc etc...


If u want a non-mainstream alternative to those weapons i would suggest Gorgon Wraith (which i made a thread about here ). it's awesome.


Else you could use Synapse (still a top weapon imho) or even a Flux Rifle if u can get rid of Shields with a Mag for example 

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This page shows the weaknesses of factions.


Of the 3 Physical Damage types impact is the most effective against shields. For elements does Magnetic work very well against them. Which is why Mag is a good choice against Corpus besides her Shield Polarize. Viral works well for flesh, which a decent amount of Corpus have. So you could use a combo of those two elemental damage.

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