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Bug: Interception Failed On 1Player Death!


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I was mucking around, leveling my stuff and my Kubrows, then when I had a bug (were unable to swap to primary weapon, and my secondary was too low lvl to actualy do damage), I died.


Then I hit revive (still had 4 remaining) in less than 1second after dieing, but suddenly mission failed message appeared.

I was controlling all 4 towers, and enemy had like 1% capture point altogether.

Please fix and make it so that you only loose the game on 100% enemy points, not when all players are dead on the map!

This is kind of a big logical hickup please fix as soon as you can, thanks!

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Happened to me yesterday on Stunning Speed mod nightmare alert.

I went solo with Loki and both times when I hit revive mission failed instantly.

Strangest thing that no revives were consumed. I had 4/4 revives left after both failures.

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