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Please Steve...


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Any time I hear the name or see the name Steve two things pop up into my head.


1. Night of the Blood Beast episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000

2. "Scuba Steeeeeve, DAMN YOU!"


"Steve, Steve and I have something to tell you."

"Get Steve on it."

"This has STEVE written all over it."


"And the Steves are there."

"Steve 1 you go that way, steve you come with me"


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Time to brush off the dust.


Favorite Warframe: [DE]Steev




1) Beard Smash


Steev smashes his foes with his almighty beard.


2) Crotch Poke


Steev calls his allies, and hides behind them, poking his head through the allies' crotch. His defenses are increased.


3) SoonTM


Steev slows down time.


4) Pink Demise


Steev puts on his pink shorts. He gives a Slash DoT to every enemy in the map.

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