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Infestation Invasion + Stalker - Mission Failed


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I just did one of the Extermination missions currently going on Jupiter against the Infested.

Stalker decided to show up and I killed him. 
But he also killed me at the exact same time.

Stalker admits his defeat.
I waste a revive

And the mission failed.
I could not claim his drops.

Quitted the mission, ALT+F4'ed the game.

Looks like a game breaking bug to me.
Can I get my revive back?

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It was not my last revive, it was actually the 1st revive I used.

I did not fail the mission, I killed the Stalker while at the same moment he killed me with his ********** OP throwing stars.

He ran off like the coward he is, I pop a revive and the mission failed itself for me.

Edit: Just checked back; the Revive was indeed not spent.
Still - I missed out on a Stalker drop, and failed a mission that was not supposed to fail in any way. :)

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