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Carry On Syndicate Reputation Before Title


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I'd like to know why syndicate reputation doesn't carry on if you continue doing missions before getting next title.

I think that if you dont get your next title, reputation from missions should be saved and being added later. Pretty much like mastery rank system, where the exp obtained before doing the test, is added after you do it.

For syndicates rank you may not have the required items or simply just forget to check.

If positive points are not going to carry on, at least negative ones shouldn't either.

Here is a picture of what happens at the moment.


I'd like to know your opinion about this.

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The current implementation punishes players for running missions past their syndicate reputation cap by continuing to increment the negative losses in other syndicates. If your positive earnings are capped at their max, the negatives shouldn't be allowed to keep expanding during the run.

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