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Reputation Points Crossroads



So, I've just happily reached rank 5 on Red Veil and I'm going to get all the Syndicate mods before swapping to Steel Meridian and do the same; currently my Red Veil points are at 0, while my Steel Meridian ones are at around 30k to rank 4, so 130k to rank 5.


Now, I was wondering if it's more points efficent to:


- keep on going with RV until I get all the mods, then swap to Steel Meridian and buy all mods by farming rep with them, as halved points gained with RV should put me very close to rank 5 with SM.

- swap now to Steel Meridian and max that Syndicate including all mods before using halved points gained for Red Veil to buy some of their mods and then all the others by coming back to RV.


I made some calculations, and it appears that:


1st option

250k Red Veil to get all 10 mods

125k Steel Meridian points passively obtained will put me around 5k to rank 5, so let's say I'll need to gain actively 5k+200k for all Steel Meridian mods(2 of 10 are shared with Red Veil)


This means: 250+205= 455k points needed to buy both SM and RV mods starting with RV ones


2nd option:


30k for rank 4+99k for rank 5+250k for mods= 379k

189,5k Red Veil points passively obtained, so considering I should spend 200k to get all RV mods it would mean I should actively gain 10,5k


So: 379+10,5k: 389,5k points needed to buy both SM and RV mods starting with SM ones



Just wanted to know if you guys think I made some mistake or didn't take into consideration some crucial factor that would screw me before starting this endless grind(not mentioning I'm still planning to swap to Arbiters and stay with them as my lore-Syndicate when I got all the other mods, one day....)..

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You might want to keep going with red veil permanently. This si because they'll be adding why more mods to the tables of all syndicates, you probably wanna have that head start with veil and stay with them so you can get their future mods


Back on-topic, id advise passively doing veil so your rep is balanced out

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If you keep on doing Red Veil, it wont affect the other 2 neutral syndicates (Im guessing perril and suda?).


That means jumping on to them is easier, plus you will get a surplus on Red Veil that you can exchange with somebody for a mod from another syndicate, or something like that :)

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Uhm, didn't take into consideration the neutral Syndicates actually....also I forgot that now I can run rank 5 alerts...


I don't want to stay with Red Veil forever, even if they'll add more mods, as it's actually *ironically*, the least favourite Syndicate to me; so I'm still planning to swap to Arbiters as soon as I'm done and then stick with them, buying other new mods that may be released for other factions with Plat or somehow.

I also will probably only get Perrin and Loka weapon mods with points, buying frame ones with Plat and then sticking on Arbiters.




Thanks for pointing out neutral Syndicates and trading, both are valid reasons to keep on with Red Veil!

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