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Archwing Broke My World And Other Bugs -.-


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Since the day of Archwing update I have been able to successfully be in a mission with another squaddie for maybe 1/100 missions. I connect to the mission and then lag so bad that the mission ends for everyone, or I get kicked from load screen every time before even getting into the mission. I run on a laptop but until this update I was always able to play just fine. I have had NO Hardware, Software, or Internet changes. My brother plays on his PC running Windows XP and is fine, I run Windows 8 OS and I don't know if that has anything to do with it but I cant do !@#$ . Sort of annoying because I've dropped a good amount of $$$ on this game and now I can't play?

The second bug is that I can't revive without auto-failing a mission. That's a fun one huh? So now I am only a solo player because I can't connect with others and also I can't even revive without auto-failing missions. Trust me I'm getting better at not dying ;)

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