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Black Screen While In Mission


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It's been a while since I've been having this bug, more or less since U14. I hoped U15 could fix it, but nothing :(  


While in mission, suddenly, the screen goes black but the game keeps running, for example I can hear the footsteps or the sound of guns, I can fire, attack, no problem. Then upon pressing esc the menu pops out like nothing ever happened, and if I close it the screen goes black again. If I leave the mission, after more or less one minute the screen turns black on the ship as well. The only place where this "bug" -or rather crash, since it makes the game unplayable- doesn't occur is in the Clan Dojo. No idea why


I tried messing around with the graphics, using default settings, ultra low or ultra high, no difference whatsoever. I tried checking the cache, from Steam as well as from the launcher, but nothing. 


My video card is a ATI Raedon HD 5750, but before I've never had any trouble with the game. Trying to do a complete install right now, I hope that can fix this. I have no idea what to do, any help is greatly appreciated

P.S. is this the right section? I was unsure where to post this, whether mission bugs, performance or general

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I think this is the right section, I've been having a similar problem, on the bottom left, I activated it to show FPS, and I have it worse for me, the moment I enter a battle, ti starts having a seizure, and then it does exactly what you just explained, but when it happens, my MS, suddenly skyrockets to 400, and then it happens, I reinstalled it, it did nothing, I tried fixing the files, and it does nothing. Just letting you know that you're not the only guy having the problem.

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Yeah, that kida sucks. After reinstalling the game, the bug is there again, but this time the screen doesn't remains black, rather it flashes from black to normal, like 2-3 seconds of normal game and 1 of black screen... Also, my warframe will keep walking backwards, no idea why. The funny thing now is, before the screen goes black the game "warms" me with massive fps drop. This is getting better and better :D


EDIT: the direction is not always backwards, it just goes around wherever he pleases, the warframe keeps walking even if I press exit. It seems like that when firing the screen won't turn black. Wow


EDIT2: if I was firing before the black screen, the gun will keep firing even if I don't press anything, it stops only after pressing esc. The game is completely broken right now :\


EDIT3: FINALLY FIXED! Apparently the problem was the vsync, turned it on and that S#&$ disappeared. Don't know if that might work for you

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