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Kubrows And Loki/ash Stealth Abilities


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I noticed this behavior when Kubrows got first added, and figured someone would mention it eventually, but since the "bug" still exists, I guess I'll have to bring it up once more :D



When Loki or Ash cloak, the Kubrow enters stealth with us. However, while we're able to attack enemies with pretty much no retaliation from the enemy unless we fire noisy guns, the Kubrows perform in a rather odd way.


The moment a Kubrow goes for an attack, all enemies in the entire map are able to see through its stealth and will be alerted/open direct fire on them, even if the Kubrow is technically still fully cloaked, just like the Tenno.

Worse, even, the stealth does not re-apply once they stop attacking, leaving them exposed for remaining duration of the stealth ability.


I consider this a bug, since Kubrows don't seem much louder (if you ignore their random barking) than someone swinging wildly at an enemy ...or firing rockets - while in stealth. 

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