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Hysteria Doesn't Add Kills & Kill Assists


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Your profile shows you how many kills and kill assists you've made with your Warframe, but these kills must have been made with your abilities. My Nekros has a very low kill amount while my Saryn has a lot.


But when I looked at Valkyr, my kills are also really low on her. The few kills she has looks like the amount of times that I've used Ripline to pull an enemy and killing them in the process, like capture targets or when I need to get a flying target while in Hysteria. But I know that the kill amount is way too low since she's my most used frame and I use Hysteria plenty of times.


I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it seems a bit weird how one of her abilities doesn't add kills and kill assists to the profile. Not a big deal, but figured I'd let it be known.

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