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Teamwork 1.0


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As we get stronger it gets borign and almost everyone just solo-rushes everything... (( yeh i do it too because i can ..)) waiting is awful and equiping low level gear is not really a solution... so i cam to the idea we could add powers/skill that need 2 or more players to participate in..

To make people work together maybe you should make some powers only usable with someone else OR add a 5th power to every frame that is really strong but needs atleast 2 people to "cast"..

example...Person A hold down 5 .. a message appears to everyone int he team... PERSON B comes and presses (Interact) near  person A ...all energy from both frames will be used to cat this final attack...the nice thin about this is if you go with ember and frost you can create BLAST :D

Or Volt and Saryn :D

pls DE give us something like this.. even with 4 united powers .. that would be totally awesome..

even gunfights and melee could be redone... pressing 6 enters dual mode..the secodn personn presses (interact)near the other person ..then 2 persons standing back to back to eachother , getting increased dmg for a short time and shoot on everything around them :D

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i'd start with Ability Synergy and Teamwork bonuses between them to start with.



like the Radial Javelin & Bullet Attractor. except we don't have that any more.

Abilities having synergy together is step one. if we don't have that, having other teamwork related features doesn't have much for a foundation.



combining Damage Types is a gray area, making it not all the time makes it clunky to do - and therefore not useful for higher Level Enemies because they'll result in death.

meaning it would be a wasted feature(s), as they'd only be useful on low level Planets.


but being at all times is also an issue, because people can change your Damage Types and... you probably didn't want that Damage Type.




so in conclusion, have Abilities synergize together and create teamwork first, before we try to add more on top.

and i don't mean accidental synergy, i mean actually working together. pre-nerf(yeah, i'm calling it that, it was better before) Radial Javelin & Bullet Attractor still remains as the best, and one of the few examples Warframe has/had to offer in this regard.


synergy means changing how the Abilities work, and being able to make them more flexible to do more, not just calling a Damage Bonus applying to Abilities too being 'synergy'. because that is pretty poor synergy.

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