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Limbo Builds


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I am curious what would be the best fit for this guy, so i made few builds. They are in no particular order.


1. "Arena" Huge aoe, all enemies take +190% damage inside which is usually more than enough



2. "Pit" Big aoe, 390% bonus damage inside



3. "Frost" Very manageable cataclysm size, perfect fit for party and pod lasting almost a minute, 390% bonus damage inside can be further increased but i don't feel the need for it.



4. "Assassin" Negative duration build for the sole reason to "spam" cataclysm, coupled with high power limbo isolates multiple targets and takes them down instantly with 600%+ bonus damage.



Hopefully they least make cataclysm least recastable, would make him a lot better on the move.

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