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Enemy Accuracy Varies Wildly Between Host And Client Games Since U15


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That's to say, when I'm the host of a mission, the enemies' shots land on me far more frequently than if I'm a client.


I know there was a recent tweak to enemy accuracy figures, especially in the higher levels, but like I say, the enemies are a lot more accurate with placing their shots when I'm hosting a game than when I join another's. I don't remember it being an issue at all before update 15 came in.


Don't know if this is something anyone else has experienced. I suspect latency of some sort is to blame, as my loading times when joining team games have increased hugely since U15 as well. I'm talking 60-90 seconds to spawn in to a mission, every time without fail. The frame rate in the loading screen probably averages about 5.

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I've experienced it with Grineer, Corpus and Corrupted. I started a run on Viver as a host a few nights back and was totally unprepared for how accurate the boxheads were with their Deras. It is a gameplay-changing difference.


I'm on quite a humble spec laptop, but again I've not experienced loading times or disparities of accuracy like this until update 15 rolled out, and the subsequent hotfixes seem to have helped little in my case.

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