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Stalker + Defense Lockdown Bug


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Twice today I've been visited by the Stalker, both times on defense missions. Because of his apperance, I've had to quit two missions. The usual flickering and taunts will pop up, but after 2-3 taunts he'll stop taunting and won't spawn. The area still goes on lockdown as the terminals are glowing and marked. Upon reaching a wave where we can leave or continue, instead nothing will happen. Can't leave, can't continue, and no Stalker around to kill or die too even when the lockdown is still going. The only workaround is the marked person (me) leaving the mission and giving up rewards. After leaving, I've been told the mission will actually continue.

He keeps picking me when I'm in a defense mission, not whenever I'm in other missions. The Stalker is being a real **** lately.


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