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Kubrow Combined Incubation






Does someone know what the DNA Imprints dominance is at the moment of doing a Combined Incubation?




Right now i'm trying to get a Huras Kubrow for my bad luck i've only been able to get one Huras imprint from a friend(he sold the other one or something) and i got one from a Sahasa and one from a Sunika. My question would be, which one should i use to get a Huras Kubrow.




these are my actual Imprints

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Well I have no idea if this is luck or not, but here's my last two breeds.


1. Bought a random egg, which ended up being an anorexic, yet very pretty black/orange striped Raska.  Named her Candy.


Wanted another Kubrow, a little meatier but with her stripes. Made an imprint of her to start experimenting.


2. Made an Imprint from my medium sized, Huras Kubrow, Cooper, since he has a thicker build. He is a standard brown/grey/tan color. No special pattern. Combined his imprint with the Raska.


They produced another Huras together. It's color/pattern was nearly identical to Cooper's with one exception, the color of his legs were the solid bright orange of the Raska's stripes. Named him Cassidy.


3. Made an imprint of Cassidy and combined it with Candy since both had the rich orange on them. Togethe the Huras/Raska bred me another Huras Kubrow, male. He's got the brown mix for his main color, this time there's stripes. I do not know if he'll look 'healthy' or not. He just hatched this morning.


 So far though Raska + Huras= Huras for me. I know you don't yet have a Huras (got him from a random breed) but seems to be a trend in a result.

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