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Enemy Health Was Zero But Did Not Register As Dead And Became Invulnerable.


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I was using a level 13 or 14 Trinity Warframe in a tier 2 Exterminate mission. I did use the Well of Life ability multiple times on this Corrupted Heavy Gunner and I do believe he "Died" due to the ability ending but because he wasn't shot when he died or was taking damage. By the time I noticed he wasn't dying I didn't know what I did to make him invulnerable. I do have a picture showing him chasing me all over the map and while I was fighting I got trapped between him and another heavy gunner and died under the cross fire. I would have won the match if he wasn't invulnerable and I lost a few resources I would have liked to kept such as argon crystal and oberon chassis. I even have pictures showing i would have got them. I did this mission solo so I do not know if the bug will transition to a multiplayer match or if I didn't use the well of life on him when he was about to die would have not made the bug appear.  For those that don't know the well of life adds health to the enemy and armor and when you damage the enemy you get health back in return and I used the ability shot the enemy but when the ability ended his health dropped to zero but because he wasn't shot to death or damaged to death but healed then the health was taken away when it ended he lived, or so I assume. 

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