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Nyx Psychic Bolts


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So I just got Nyx prime after taking a year or so break from this game. I was really hyped because I loved Nyx as she


was one of my favorite frames and was hoping they finally buffed her. I was DISAPPOINTED. They changed NOTHING


except her ultimate which still doesn't multiply damage??? And The most disappointing thing of all is. Psychic Bolts.


Seriously? its been how long and still holding the title for the most USELESS skill in the game? It does at max level NOT


EVEN 100 damage? It takes 50 energy to fire off like 5 bolts that do NOTHING and is still part of nyx? Can we Please get this skill fixed or at least changed somehow? 



-One idea is change it completely and have it an aiming type of skill that impales enemies and confuses them. This is just


a general change, Any ideas because Im tired of having this skills existence.




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Why would her ult multiply damage anyways? it already is a cheap, good survival tool that can do a good damage on high level missions even if you corrupt her power strenght into oblivon. If you want AMD-sized damage, then ask a nova to throw one on your bubble, no problem (I mean, no problem aside the gigantic energy drain you will suffer from it)

ahem, back to the topic at hand, yes, her bolts are useless. And buffing damage would still make them useless, for nyx usualy goes for overextended anyways. But they can get actually very good if you use the syndicate mod (they will pacify and disarm enemies hit)

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