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Hello there fellow forum goers!


I have a simple question for you guys: what fandoms are you a member of?

Also, within those fandoms, what would you say is the most impressive thing you have accomplished. If said accomplishment is "not crying when <character> died" or similar, please put it in a spoiler for those who are not there yet.


I consider myself a minor Whovian, Sherlock, and Homestuck. I would say that my greatest achievement is reading all ~7000 pages of Homestuck in a week.


Spoiler achievements


Doctor Who

I also did not really get feels when rose got trapped in the parallel world, when Donna had her memory erased, or any of the regeneration that i have seen



No real feels when Sherlock jumped



No real feels from GAME OVER.

I think this is because I went too fast to make a major connection with the characters that died, at least not one that would leave me in tears.

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