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New Infested Weapons


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I'm a huge fan of infested weapons so I have a few ideas for some new ones and you're input on these would be appreciated. The new weapons are the following: 

Sinew(the infested throwing knife)- A throwing bone that does less damage than despair but is better Damage per shot wise than hikou and kunai(secondary weapon)

Anemia(Infested Brakk or Detron)- Does Viral or Corrosive whichever one you choose with a 25 % status chance(secondary weapon)

Marrow(Infested Sniper) Has a base Toxic dam of 500 and can be a crowd control sniper of you proc the actual toxic. Has 35% crit chance, 2.0 Crit Damage, and a status chance of 20%

Feel Free to tweak the numbers on any of these weapons as you see fit and if you have anymore ideas, share them below

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Good Ideas
I myself love the sniper rifles in this game, viable or not, I don't know why it never occurred to me until now that there is no infested sniper.
The crit chance is nice, certainly because of the unreliability of all sniper crit chances at the moment poses a bit of a problem. In regards to that the damage is probably too high compared to others, but that could be balanced by mechanics like the opticors charge time or a long reload etc.
The scope visuals would be interesting to say the least.


How exactly is the marrow a crowd control weapon...


I would imagine he means the same as the Lanka's electric proc which damages all targets around. Not an effective crowd control but it is a nice bonus on occasion.

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