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The Probability Tenno


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How about a Tenno who effects probability? It's appearance would be based around Dice and Gambling in general. Here's the kind of powers he/she would have:

First Power: Bullet Odds
Bullets and projectiles fired from enemies have a much greater chance of missing well this power is in effect. This only effects impacts with the player. It doesn't effect blast radius's or stop those missed bullets from harming other players. Effected by Power Duration mods and Power Range mods. It's radius is small, even with Range enhancement, so it's supportive effect is limited to those Tenno who are nearby.

Second Power: Enemy Odds
Increases the chance of lower type/level of enemies spawning. All of the enemies within the radius burst into light and are respawned as lower enemies as well. It also lowers the level of the enemies you run into during the power's duration. Doesn't effect bosses or stalkers, but does effect heavies. Since the enemies are weaker, you do lose out on the XP you would have earned killing the harder enemies, as well as their potentially better drops. It's a power for those REALLY hairy high-level Survival and Defense missions, when you need a little breathing room. Power Intensity effects how much weaker the new enemies are, Power Duration effects how long your enemies will continue to be nerfed, and Power Range determines how far the respawning effect reaches. Enemies that have already spawned, but are outside of the power range, continue to be as powerful as they were before. This only effects enemies within the blast radius, or that have yet to appear.

Third Power: New Location
Use of this power teleports you to a random node-path (the pathing used to for enemy AI), in a location with no enemies (at the moment). You'll also never spawn in front of a camera, or a turret, or generally in any "dangerous" area. It's a quick-getaway, panic button. Also, any friendly unit that is within 2 feet of your character will be teleported as well. Enemies are not teleported, but your Kubrow is. This is another power designed to give you breathing room. It's only effected by Power Efficiency, nothing else.

Forth Power: Loot Odds
This power increases the amount of items enemies drop by a small percentage within a zone around the player. Power Intensity sets the odds, so with Blind Rage and Intensity maxed, you can get up to 200% more drops. Power Range sets the distance of this increased drop zone. Power Duration determines how long the power lasts.

Also, when cast, this power has a blast radius effect which causes all ammo and orbs within it's radius of effect to respawn as something else. This only effects items you can see, not what other players can see. The drop tables would be based on the drop table of the enemy that dropped it. This does not effect things you have already picked up.

If, on the EXTREMELY rare chance this blast turns Ammo or Orbs turn into a Mod, that Mod *WILL* appear on the other player's screen as well, just not the new Orbs or Ammo. This power does not effect Mods that have already fallen. Unlike Nekros, this does not give you all new items, on top of those already dropped, but simply changes those who have already fallen.

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