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Final Frame


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A little Final Fantasy inspired Warframe Background. Took a lot longer than I expected, as I had to redraw each frame almost entirely. Still not as beautifully simple as Amano's style, but it gets the point across.


Also, my DeviantART: http://stallordd.deviantart.com/


Not sure if that's the etiquette for that, but whatever.


Here's another one for Noamuth




Ash for TDKevin on the subreddit




Alad V and Valkyr for tahrox on the subreddit






Corpus for myself :)



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Sure! It'll take a while though, redrawing them takes a good amount of time if I want it to look good. Any preference on pose?


Similar to what you have going on, maybe have the limbs a little further away from the body for the bottom 'frame?  Make it look more like a floating on water pose?

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I just squee'd and scared my coworker. :X


Why can't I upvote you anymore?! D:

I'm glad you like it!



This gets more use than it should...


I updated yours with a stroke around the text to make it more readable. More loyal to how the Final Fantasy titles are displayed.

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