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Just A Few Archwing Suggestions


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Well, I'll start off with a positive by saying I really enjoy the whole archwing system so far (Really love the atmosphere and the controls), but, as a physics student and a fan of sci-fi, a few things drew my ire, and broke my suspension of disbelief.

Firstly, Why are grineer ships able to hover stationary? From what I have seen they only have (possibly rotatable, but still fixed) rear thrusters, meaning they could only steer and accelerate(Corpus drones have multiple fully rotational thrusters, this would actually allow them to 'hover', same with the archwings, so this doesnt apply to them). Forcing them to keep moving could make some fancy manouvers actually viable and allow players to lead enemies into crashing.


That leads into my next point. Why do enemies seem to be able to plow through asteroids or other terrain without a scratch? I mean, I was immensely disapointed when I turned some star wars and assorted Sci-fi Music up full blast and lead some grineer ships through some asteroids, hoping to recreate the famous asteroid field sequence from Star Wars only to see one literally smash straight through one without even a scratch (This change should affect Tenno as well, huge, multiTonnage chunks of metal and rock should HURT.)

(another minor gripe is the density seems to be off, also it seems a bit of a copout that the asteroid fields only seem to extend to the playable area, looking off into the distance means you might only see one or two extra asteroids, this is more of an immersion issue than anything though)


Thirdly, OH MY GOD THE RADAR/map. The map is already at the best of times, somewhat misleading when it comes to multiple planes, but in archwing the sheer (Not technically the right word but will suit) verticality makes finding the objective and enemies a nightmare at times. I had a few missions fail, because the minimap told me that some enemies were far above where they actually were leading me to get out of bounds extraction. A 3d map or better designed "air radar" (Space radar?) could be really helpful for navigation


Finaly, the targetting, the enemies can be insanely hard to hit at times, for a few reasons, 

  Firstly, you and they are moving at great speed, this is to be expected (I dont really have a problem with this).

  Secondly, you are usually at long distances when you start firing (This is made worse on a small screen, as it turns into a game of hunt the right pixel), either the zoom could be a bit better, or make a mod that adds a slight compensation (A   sort of aim assist) to aiming, making targeting far less of a problem at distance (It could also easily be explained in universe as Ordis remotely doing aim calculations to assist the Tenno).

Otherwise, love a lot of the stuff in archwing and cant wait to see what the future will bring for it! 

Edit:Had a Mini panic attack when I thought I had posted this in general discussion forum rather than the general feedback forum.

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I agree with all above,

something that realy disapointed me is that the enemy can hear your gun firing making ambush/sneak attacks impossible. (maybe make the guns almost silent ? or make the bullets travel atleast mach 1)

Lack of maneuvers, love the barrel roll and the sprint but since they stop you from firing they cant be used in a dogfight only to help you run away or to dash in and make melee attacks. Make at the moment only melee viable and very borring

Missiles, Maybe make it a bit more clear when missiles are inbound or locking on, so you can get that awesome Top Gun feeling when you hit the afterburner and try to dodge the missile. And pls do something about the stun, goin full throtle and then get stunded and just halt all movment have killed me and the disbelife to many times

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