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Some Thoughts For De For Some Canadian Warframes


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So DE, you are Canadian, and awesomely so.  So when are we going to see some Canadian style frames to represent your homeland?  Here are some thoughts:


-The RCMP Warframe: like Oberon-with a HAT.  A Mountie hat.


-The Lumberjack Warframe: give him a chainsaw or an axe. His immortal skin could be flannel.


-The Moose Warframe (or pet).  Imagine a Moose trampling Grineer.


-A hockey themed warframe: he'd have stance mods for the Bo and Orthos that allow him to hook and cross check. 



In all seriousness, I love Canada, even more so since this is where Warframe comes from.  I mean no offense, this is just for fun. 


Go Warframe!  Go DE! Go Canada!

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No. Just.. No. Why whyyyyy



I think the Moose idea is somewhat viable, but seriously though


Each current warframe has its own identity, and all of them are combat-based.

For example, Excalibur is a knight, Ash/Loki are ninja-ish, Mirage is the illusionist spy-thing, Mag, Nova and Vauban are combat engineers, and so on.

Lumberjack... well, I don't think wood is even used in this universe. My point is it's probably be a jarring abomination of lore. Just like mustaches. But mustaches are for a good cause and are all in good fun, so there's that.

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No offense taken~ While i love the pride here for ones home and i'm all for theme'd items, being a global game and all, having a warframe developed around a certain area's theme, would come across as favoritism.

Now for smaller items outside of a whole warframe, i'm all for the tiny things like this but keeping with the theme of Warframe, it would need to be small badges (maybe sigils) and perhaps items that are temporary, the mustaches for instance, similar in that aspect as too never be too 'in your face' about it for very long which would bring about community issues and the like. It would also require much more time towards different nationalities, as again Warframe being global.

Personally again i enjoy the idea but i'd keep it at small badges, perhaps sigils, to keep balance - proper time useage - community strong while feeling pride in ones home. 


PS: We are all Tenno, i think this makes me happy enough.^^

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