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Stug: One Easy Change That Would Really Help This Gun


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Hi DE and players,


I bought the Stug awhile back just to get my Mastery up, and found it both surprisingly powerful and surprisingly fun to use. I really like this little goo gun, it (along with the Quanta) conjures up pleasant associations with Unreal Tournament, and I'd like to use it most of the time as my secondary.


However, I can't and won't for one reason: My finger will fall off.


Seriously, this gun is a clickfest like nothing I have ever used before. I love that it has a nice high rate of fire if spammed, and I know that it can charge fire, but in a lot of situations you want to spam those blobs and not charge them. It's a recipe for carpal tunnel.


So, I suggest this: Get rid of zoom on right-click and put Chargefire there, and just set it to full auto on the primary with its mini-blobs.


The gun is extremely short range due to the severe arc of its projectiles (which is totally fine, given its nature and damage/damage type), so there's really no point to having a zoom anyway. Certainly if this mechanic can be applied to the Quanta, which is pinpoint-accurate to 50m (and a great gun by the way), it can be applied here.



Thanks for the consideration,



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