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How Often Do You Play Warframe?


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everyday. when i feel like i'm getting bored i play something elsa for a few hours. but still play with everyday. also oceanic(for people who think that region is dead, we are all still here we just moved regions, also for those who think this game is dying... its third on steam. it was fourth


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My playtime went from 4-10 hrs a day to less that 1 hour a week. Sometimes I go a month without logging in.

My reason:

Endgame content in WF is non existent. Instead of working on the mechanics that already exist they keep adding more dead end content, effectively adding nothing to the game at all. Grinding on T4 for hours on end with very little reward is not what I'd call endgame content.

Syndicates is the only notable addition to the game in the last 12 months.

I keep coming back to check out new content with the hopes there's something worth grinding for but the novelty soon wears off and ends in inevitable disappointment and boredom .

There's a reason there's only a handful of MR18 players , most don't stick around that long.


I used to love WF but now...meh

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Used to play every day without fail.

After Nekros and the Lephantis there was a time of crashes and lagging that made me stop playing.

Sadly the grinding introduced with nekros/vay hek and so on limited my options, being Father of two.

So I never really came back after that.

I *still* havent fought Lephantis.

Wish I had more time, but mayhaps after quest crafting, hubs and so on gives me more sandboxing, I can play more = life runs smoother.

Edit: I still play, but far from every day.

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I'm playing much less lately for various reasons.


1/3rd of the time I'm logging in, get angry about the login rewards, have a quick look at things to do... realize there are none and log out again.

1/3rd of the time I'm staying logged in for a bit longer but most of the time I'm idle, being alt+tabbed out the game, browsing the forum or internet anyways rather than playing. Occasionally forcing myself to do a mission but starting to feel "meh" half-way through it.

1/3rd of the time remaining I can't be bothered logging in the first place. ^^




The "there's nothing to do"-feeling comes probably from me basically owning nearly every weapon/warframe and even having forma'd nearly every weapon about 2 times already (even I told myself I'd never forma anything, but at somepoint I just didn't have anything to level anymore). I've got nearly all mods apart from the U15 ones but I can't really be bothered to start farming them currently. Same goes for Nyx Prime/Scindo Prime/Hikou Prime and even farming the one Argon Crystal I'm missing to finish up Limbo is already "nah... don't feel like it".


Somehow in between U14 and U15 I realized that all the grind leads to nothing but more grind that doesn't lead anywhere. At least it seems like somwhere along the road I lost the hope that DE will eventually release something that has replay value beyond the greed for items which lose value.


Basically I'm sitting on a vast array of items and lost the interest to continue playing because of how there's nothing that has any replay value beyond that and how existing content only serves for the purpose to grind for said items I already own, therefore becoming unfun fast because of how we have to grind those missions over and over.


Example... I was pretty hyped for the forest tileset, but when it came out there was this ridiculous luck-based event grind for the Jadeleafs. So I did the mission so many times that I started to hate the tileset and when I look at how often the Jadeleafs spawn now in Earth missions I can't help but feel being mocked.


Another example: Excavation was a fun new gamemode.. but the latest events and new quest stuff overused them already so badly that I don't feel like playing them anymore.


The same will be probably true about the Uranus grind for the Archwing parts... We will have done that interception sooooo often that everyone is cured of it.


Last year I wouldn't have missed a single daily login and I also used stuff like the extractors, which is just ridiculous when I think about it now. I've been burned out various times already but I eventually returned in the hopes DE would add stuff with replay value like for the proposed endgames, but the latest updates have been severe disappointments to me because of how every piece of content lately just ends up being RNGated, Keyed or grindwalled and everything just serving an one-time purpose that nobody would ever want to do a second time because of how much time you wasted the first time around.


For example I've not even completed a single frequency triangulator for Vay Hek yet. Did him with some other people. There's just no reason for me ever to do that bastard again because of how much time is wasted to even get there.


Same would be true for the Syndicates if I would feel like starting the grind at all because the rewards aren't really appealing to me, but even if they were I would just grind through it and never give two sh*ts about that feature again because of how much time I had to waste to even get there.




It's a dilemma... and it can only be solved with me playing other games instead and watching upcoming development closely... but I would wonder if DE would do anything about that problem soon. At least I don't feel like continuing to play Warframe actively because of how I can't see beyond all the flaws and stuff the game is lacking of pretty much the same way the game can't see beyond the damn grind. Forcing myself to continue playing just worsens my bitterness. ^^

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