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Pure Red Tiger Kubrow

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As titled above:


Name: Mad Red Eyerie

Breed: Huras

Pattern: Tiger stripes

Color: Red-Red-Red

Current offer: 150p from _Kine  200p from Sniperoth  230p from Kine_


This is what it is going to look like:













Customization that makes use of all its red colors:







Don't like tiger pattern with pure red? No problem as long as you've got either other patterns unlocked:



What's more, if you do have all the color palettes unlocked, you can end up with these:






That's all I have to show, for the moment.


For those of you out there who are actually breeding your own kubrows, you know well how hard it is to get 2 colors you want onto a kubrow, much less THREE.


By experience, it took me as much as 20ish failures and about 500 over plats sunk to produce this little beast here.


My offer here is open-ended, and I'm quite confident that this is the only kubrow with these unique traits in the entire server.


Make me an offer guys, an offer that convinces me that the community wants fresh ideas and products, appreciates hardwork and sacrifice, over just lotuses with one or two colors.

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