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Syndicate Reputation Points To Buy Lower Tier Tower Keys


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As written in the title. I would like to have an option to buy Tower Keys ranging  form 1 to 4 and not only T4 with my syndicate rep.


Many prime parts are located in low tier towers and the only feasible way to get keys to such towers is though low tier defense/interception/survival missions which are boring as hell (for decked out players). So yes, I would like to see such an option.


Also I think it was bad idea to limit each syndicate to only one type of key. That's why many players chose Arbiters of Hexis and that's why New Loka sucks ,because T4 defense is the most commonly dropped key (at least for me).



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The Syndicates does not make much sense in their current state. Also T4 keys are relatively easy to find reliably. So, yes, other keys should be available. On the other hand, as soon all Syndicate items are bought, keys will become cheap...

Easy? I barely had any of them drop since U15 changed the reward cycle.


Seriously DE, if you only give us one chance at a key every 4 rounds, make it guaranteed like survival.

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