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Selling Maxed Shotgun Mod Set

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Not really a fan of my Boar Prime anymore.



Toxic Barrage - 15p

Shell Shock - 100p [Reserved for MReaver]

Frigid Blast - 100p

Scattering Inferno - 70p


Tainted Shell - 400p

Blaze - 15p

Seeking Force - 25p

Accelerated Blast - 10p

Hell's Chamber - 15p

Point Blank - 10p

Shotgun Ammo - 10p



Buy 2 in total and get a 5% discount. Buy 4 in total and get a 10% discount.

Prices are negotiable.


However, if negotiated, buying 2 mods will give you a 3% discount. Buying 4 mods will give you a 5% discount.


IGN: Junivoire

Edited by Junivoire
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