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Split Chamber Mod Is Not Working!?!?


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It fires two arrows but they are so close together and move so fast it's difficult to see. Equip heavy caliber like Wheels suggested and you should see it. You can also equip thunderbolt and occasionally get a double explosion.


Oh, and Split Chamber works on any weapon, even beam weapons, projectile weapons, energy weapons, etc. If you doubt whether or not it works, check the stats on the weapon with and without SC on. You should see a difference.

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thks a lot...but will i see 2 damage number falling out if i don't use heavy cal??? bcuz i tried this on latron too with the same result

In some cases you can't see both numbers with Split Chamber.


Either its because it does enough damage to see one




(Just a theory) Semi Auto Weapons will not have a second bullet shown.

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