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Increase Gram's Channeling Damage


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As of now, the Gram is nothing besides a bad Galatine. It's weaker, shorter, just as fast and has a lower status chance. The only thing it has against the Galatine is the slightly higher crit chance.


Against the Scindo, it has a slightly higher attack rate and a bit more status chance, but the Scindo has more ragdoll power, range and the Manticore skin to make it stronger.


Compared to the Fragor, it's a bit faster and has more status again, but the Fragor also has more ragdolling, is stronger and has a higher crit chance, not to mention it also has more range.


Now, the Gram is a plasma/heat/laz0r/neon/glowstick sword. It's blade is made of energy. It makes sense that when a Warframe channels it's energy on it the blade accepts this energy better than the other weapons. So I would like to point out the benefits to increasing the channeling damage on the Gram:


- Makes it better (Duh)

- Gives it a niche that no other heavy weapon fills

- Stands out against the Scindo and Fragor

- Ensures the Galatine doesn't make it obsolete

- Uses the Weapon Channeling system, which really hasn't been used that much

- Helps increase weapon variety


Thank you for reading :D

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