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Performance Issues Post 15.x Loading Into Logon Screen & Missions


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Hi all,


Since update 15, I've been seeing long wait times and blank white or black screens for protracted periods of time when starting up warframe, taking as much as 10 minutes to load into the log in screen from hitting play on the launcher.


With missions, the liset travel screen stutters and pauses, and eventually stabilizes and smooths out, typically 2-3 minutes worth of oddness.


The first minute or two of missions also tends to be choppy, with input translating to action by my warframe at a delay, and some stop and go on the screen.


I notice this much more on Archwing missions than other missions.


The mission issues get worse depending on the number of players.


For 4 man pugs, I simply get disconnected from the group every time.



I can't recall where I can go to pull the warframe log to submit to DE.


SO!  2 questions:


Can someone remind where I can pull that log?


Is this a problem anyone else is seeing?


Thanks Tenno community!



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on Windows Vista/7 systems, the file location should look something like this:





XP systems are a bit different, being inside of... Application Data inside your user Folder, i think? it's been a while since i used XP but i think that's where it's located.



(username)\Application Data\Local\Warframe\EE.log

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