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                   In my past I was play wf from bed. My pc is plug to wall tv. I use naga wireless and keyboard wireless ,and just do barell roll on bed for play it. I open song with it too  ,My love stage is xini . I am on mag with scindo free attack speed . and everytime is I use my scindo slash infest and make ground shake its match with Song rhythm is I listen 


   No one in my house asking me for lower noise. They dont mind to hear a game voice or song .except they hear I talk with a guy . That enough to make them broken my lock door and come to kill me . heh... well .They very happy I am always at home couz outside my house is serious danger .  and I never fall nap during play ... this game is fun than beach head is i play before. and its free too its come with steam .well its my happy past and its my vaule happy memory 


                  Time is fly away so fast. Now day everything still there. but I cant open song or make loud noise in room couz some important reason . I play with headphone . and sometime use small ear phone couz giant headphone rune my hair set .


I cant open or listen song anymore. wf stage song is good. But I fall half nap many time during I play . and Everyone is play with me and found I am afk please forgive me. I am not afk .. its just emm nap during play ...


           My dream wf . I think about many stuff . like I can use mp3 files on option and make it play during play . I can change cross hair ,I can enable Damage Dot even I off affinity number .I can modify my hud like I can move map ,skill icon ,hp engry bar to some place and can resize it .I can see temporary skill icon show up when it active and have countdown time on it too . I can have small damage list window for check damage is hit monster . I dream my dojo or own ship have weapon test field . so I dont need make more fail mission couz just need test gun . I dream even each mod is install on gun or weapon is change gun shape a little. like Dual barrel is add more barrel with a gun .and everytime is change mod and click ok on it. a gun will appear on work desk like 10 sec and see a robot modify it . 

its many many like infinity requirement. its enough for make DEV team gone berserk said " omg burn that witch" go chaos come to get me torn my nova dress off and pin me to flag and burn me like in middle age witch hunt in europe .(omg.. that horrible dead... /(>o<)\ *close my eye ...omg !#@!# I am too cutie cutie to die !!!


well ...


I know everything is change in warframe  is spend resource. even hot fix for fix a bug . I am not new or innocent. everything is not appear like a free or use magic like harry potter . its spend tons of money ,human,work time in every project ... I know this logic since I am young


        I play piano . and my favor song is I play during i was young is " one man dream " its from famous Yani . now day even my piano is very dusty couz no one play it so long but I still can close my eye and play this song. and yes ...Everything is not a free. I spend full 3 month at evening and night with piano teacher  for pratice this song. its hard work .... Its teach me If you need something you must trade with something 


     My purpose of this topic just explain what I dream about wf. I am lazy .. to get forum . in fact .this is my 3rd Topic. or

2nd topic for this year . idk . it will be happen or its wont be happen . but this is my dream about wf in my mind. its good..

free game. even I found out I paid... very alot in it. and got flame by someone is angry to see I use his money on it. and

emm as i told you . I am lazy.. to  read forum so I mix all my dream in post. but well its not all anyway . i have alot thing 

and I lazy to type it . 


PS : to Mod . If you see my post is very Deep impact  gonna make chaos .make someone turn to zombie or throw a monitor to a floor or broken his/her keyboard  even  jump out from window . after read my post. .. Well this is your panic button

(Panic button)


just delete my post. and emm . I will post my idea  in every cemeter then . for not over heat process ...


PS 2 : thank you for read. I am poor in english /(_ _)\ ! 

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