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Foundry/inventory Missing Items


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I logged in after the patch this morning and realized that I'm missing the 2 Nyx Prime pieces I've managed to collect. I've checked every part of my inventory and the foundry itself, both the 'all' and 'warframe' areas to make sure I simply didn't miss it or it's not showing up in one of the lists.


The pieces in question are the helmet and systems. 


I did not 'accidently' trade them away or sell them, as i haven't done either in a while and have mostly been doing Alerts over the last week/Syndicate missions.


Please help. I'm over 0/52 tries to get the other two nyx pieces and would really not want to have to try and get the first two again, especially when I only managed to get them from some very kind players i met trading me for stuff i had managed to find instead of demanding 40+plat for it

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