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Some Ideas, All Seem Reasonable.


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First, All one handed weapons should get a buff. They should have a higher Crit rate/status chance, to balance out the buff on two handle weapons. Possible some with lower damage get a slightly higher attack speed.


Second, Limbo... should be reworked on or only be able to cast banish on himself, he still do damage but it's halved as it's passing threw dimensions in the rift. "Rant" can't tell u how many trolls I see hourly with limbo, that banish everyone or targets that drain energy. For no reason just to troll... It's not even the same people most of the time.


Third, I thought by now I would have seen a warframe that can place torrents, I been playing on and off since start of close beta so meh I thought of this like year ago lol.


Something like a commander type:


First skill: Creates a Torrent at maxed with roughly 200 shields 300 health, Last for 20 seconds, fire rate of 5 and with magazine of 60.

Impact: 6.1

Puncture: 34

Slash: 9.9


Second skill: Increased fire rate of himself and team mates at max by 1.5, last 30 seconds.

Should not be effect by strength mods.


Third skill: Resupply himself and teammates 1/3 of their max ammo.


Fourth skill: Tosses A grenade that attracts nearby enemy by sound and explodes dealing blast damage. At max last for 4 secs until exploding dealing 900 blast damage.


I think he/she be great for more end game support, more tactical.

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First and third are pure power creep.

Power creep you say, please do explain. My Galatine does 10k+ Pre hit with Cleaving Whirlwing cirt for over 30k+. My dragon Nikana does 2.5k+ pre hit Cirts for about 6-8k with Blind Justice with same mods I always mod for max damage :D.


But you have your opinion I like to hear it, anyhow it's just ideas and it can be reworked as how DE are fit to see.

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