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Rare Containers Bug


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Not sure if it's a bug or if it's only me but...it happens to me the second time now.

I was doing the alert for the axe dagger skin solo,found a rare grineer container (73k drop from it!).Rescued the target succesfully,return to my ship aaaaaaaaand....Account information couldn't be saved! *rages*

It happens to me the second time now, after I found a rare container.I don't think it's an internet problem because it was doing fine the whole time the missions before and during this mission.I wanted to check my codex entry on the container  at least,if it saved my scan of it at least and my codex was completly empty.No entries at all...so yeah, it must be a bug.

Would be nice if this would be fixed because I'd like to keep the stuff I got from the rare container and not only the scan of it.

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It's happened to me with two rare corpus containers, kept the one scan I did, but I lost the cores, affinity boosters, credits and so on.

I also don't know why fifty scans are needed to compete the codex entry, compared to the other storage containers it seems a little silly.
I hope the latter is revised and the former is fixed.

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