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[Warframe Concept] Shadow/darkframe


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Shadow/Dark Warframe


A Warframe that would be for stealth and cc.

Abilities such as "Shadow Realm" Where in a large AOE radius the whole room goes very dark and doesn't allow enemies to see Warframes, maybe incrementally decreases the field of vision until completely nullified at max level, continuity would affect time that it lasted.

"Binding Darkness" would be an AOE ability that unleashed shadowy chains from the floor and chained enemies to the ground, allowing for ground execution maneuvers.

"Shadow Fiend" would summon a demonic-looking shadow creature that ran around, pulled aggro, and did damage to enemies, leaving a darkness debuff on them that either slowed their movements or decreased their field of vision substantially.

I'm not sure what to call the last one but it would be something like a teleport/portals. You target an area in the map and it places a "shadow" there and teleports you to that spot. While you were inside the radius of the shadow, you would be undetectable by enemies. Increase in level would increase the radius and time the shadow lasted. Affected by related mods.

Sorry, no artistic skill, so use your imagination.

Also powers are not in order of 1 to 4, just an old concept I thought was pretty cool and wanted to revive.

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