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The Legend Of John Prodman


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For too long John Prodman has been an enigma to Tenno.  A mysterious figure who emerges only when the Corpus need him most.  If you've never followed the legend before, here's a chance to learn a bit about him.  Perhaps together we can finally create a proper file for the Corpus hero.




The next piece, it should have actually been the first, should be on The Greatest Grineer Gunner in History. AKA Zippy.


He was the first Grineer to developed advanced field maneuvering tactics.

He was killed when he decided to attack a full squad of Tenno alone to protect his brothers but some say that the Grineer High Command decided to use him as a template for a new special forces unit. Some say that once in a while you will see a male Grineer Gunner drop on Tenno squads from high above and dazzle them with his awesome maneuverability. A Grineer so big moving so fast is something everyone should fear.

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Wooo! John Prodman is now canon! Please DE, you need to put prodpaganda posters of the legend in future tile sets, I wanna put one in my dojo if I could.


All hail John Prodman! The slayer of Phorid, the earner of profit!

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I think I just spotted the mysterious John Prodman fearlessly fending off the infested on Europa.


Here's some pics. Look at him! Going toe to toe with two Ancient Disruptors!




Further proof that the legend himself was possibly defending all that merchandise from the infestation on Europa(second sighting in a second game):

He followed me through the portal after taking on a toxic ancient and only losing his shields, and survived until I extracted.




Also, he inspired and instilled much bravery in the hearts of fellow prodmen. This was from a later game, is the legend himself amongst these brave few?




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I met John in Viver the other day, I watched as he managed to run through spammed Shield Polarizes and Radial Javelins to take a swing at me. Fortunately he died to something midswing and I lived.


He died? You lived? That obviously wasn't John Prodman my friend. 

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He should get promoted & weilding the awesome Serro + he also need to lead an a whole Extimus unit & show them how to Prod

Did you read the article? It says right here:


• Turned down a weapon upgrade to the Detron stating he only trusted two weapons, his Prova and his Fist, in that order.


John Prodman will never give up his prova.


You fool!


Of course I fear the prod, Just making a funny (or at least a really bad attempt :P).

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