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Eris - Viver Strategy?



Now that Viver has been changed make us spread out a bit more, what is the general strategy? 

I understand that you'll still want 2 Mags and 2 Trinities / Limbos, but where should they be positioned? Two mid points?


I saw some ideas floating around in this topic:


Just asking so that all of this information can be condensed in one page. Also so I have something solid to direct my farming groups to.

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The best strategy to me is to have a Mag,Excalibur,Nova,and Trinity.

Capture D

Trinity stays in the hallway next to B spamming EV

Mag,Nova,Excalibur stay on the overpass on D

Mag is on the left side closest to C but in range for Trinity's Ev

Excalibur is on the right side closest to B

Nova is in the middle more so to the right.

I got 5k one round and no boosters with this setup.

Hope this helps.

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I've found having 2 excaliburs, 1 mag and one trinity to be the best. Have trinity and mag stay in middle. Excaliburs also in mid but one a bit near c and the other near b. You cap d then after a bit let them cap c to drag the round out. This earns me 8-10k per round.

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limbo for energy, excal to kill shield-less targets or banshee to keep them clumped, and mag to kill the rest.

Trinity is optional for energy but often hard to use as things die 62m away, mash powers on the global cool-down.


Requires both range mods maxed, both efficiency mods and all 3 strength mods, and flow to allow trinity to add more buffer, or 50% casting speed if you energy plate.

If you have room for shields or other mods your modding wrong.

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I run with the following setup:


* Excal with max range + medium power (no Blind Rage, but Intensify + maxed Transient Fortitude)

* Mag with max range and max power (all power, all range, all efficiency mods)

* Trinity with max power and max range (all power and range mods)

* Speed Nova with decent duration




* Excalibur stands on top of the walkway, on D

* Mag stands by the pillar beneath D, facing towards A

* Trinity stands on the other side of the pillar facing the L shaped spawn point to the right of the map entrypoint

* Nova stands on top of the console towards A


This does not require much movement, sometimes it requires the Nova/Mag to run to cap A, and the excal to sometimes jump down and uncap C, but other than that people just need to spam their 2 or 4 abilities. I usually play the Mag, and I mainly spam Shield Polarize on CD, with the occasional Crush to CC enemies running towards any of us or towards A on the walkway (this ensures that Radial Javelin kills them if Crush does not).


We get about 4k per wave on this setup, but since they moved the capture points we have frequently had to cap 2 points instead of just holding one, even on the third wave.

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if you have the mods then


Mag + coil mag arcane head - Mash 2 : Overextended, Stretch, Fleeting, Streamline, Transcended fortitude, Blind rage, Intensify, Flow - All maxed

Excal - Mash 4 : Overextended, Stretch, Fleeting, Streamline, Transcended fortitude, Blind rage, Intensify, Natural talent - All maxed

Trinity Mash 2 : Overextended, Stretch, Fleeting, Streamline, Transcended fortitude, Blind rage, Intensify, spare mod - All maxed


Trinity 2 gives around 200 energy a tick 62m range

Mag kills most things with her 66m range and 40m aoe

Excal cleans up


All stand on 1 spot near the middle of the map, Cap 1 point, takes about 20m for a wave, and should be getting past 14,000 kills a wave


the last frame means very little, but a second excal may add some kills.

everything should die as it spawns 62m away, if your not getting about 10 kills a second something is wrong

Less mods means less kills overall, but Range is a requirement

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