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November 7Th: Community Hot Topics!


November 7th Community Hot Topics  

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Naming equipment - Well we got loadout names, although it seems pretty redundant i'd still get a kick out of it.


Shotguns - that damage drop off puts you right in front of the danger just to deal adequate damage and spread on most of them already puts you at a disadvantage. Low ammo pool on the high rate of fire shotties also make it a less desirable pick over other weapon types.

-On a side note, shotties are still fun to use and most of them now have alot of cool niche qualities-


Energy weapon different ammo pool - wow I'm pretty surprised people want a separate ammo pool... it just seems so pointless.


Rhino - that rhino charge, honestly with the new Transient Fortitude mod out now and fleeting expertise I've down right ignored this power. It has some utility.... but it's just not worth while to use. Even it's augment isn't worth while to use cause he's not a health/armor tank.


Favorite Frame - Trinity :> I'll just forget that Well of life augment ever happened.


Fog - I don't know about the fog, its pretty nice but it kinda felt.... heavy on my computer.... definitely atmospheric and spooky.

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No, its pointless.  Don't waste the time on the coding for this.




I know lots of people like them.  But personally, I would rather not see any more shotguns.  That is just my opinion though, I would assume we will get more at some point.  I will say the damage falloff is excessive and needs to at least be relaxed some.  The only shotgun I even consider using right now is the Phage.  I do use the Brakk a little, but it is classed as a pistol.


Energy weapons:


I think they are fine as is as far as their ammo pools go.  What does need attention is continuous fire weapons and how their status effect is calculated.  It should be calculated far more often than once per second.




I can't even believe this was brought up.  There are several other frames that need attention BAD.  Rhino is well built and needs no attention.  Actually it irritates me this even made it to list for the poll.


Kind of annoyed that there wasn't a option to vote that none of his abilities needs a looking at.  We have to vote for each question or the forum won't register the vote so I had to choose no opinion, even though I do have one.




I would love to see more environmental effects like this, as long as DE doesn't go overboard with it.

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I've always been fond of unit and item namer functions in the handful of game that allow them, even if it can be a bit of a headache trying to rifle through Tolkenian language dictionaries to find something both appropriate and not taken in Lord of the Rings Online.  So yeah, a definite plus to the top idea.  The only reason I'd hesitate is mechanics integration with the story DE intends to tell - would Tenno be likely to form emotional attachments like that in the first place?  Remember, if nothing is an answer then everything is a clue.


Shotties are decent weapons, I guess, and I'd like for there to be more variety, though that could be achieved through augment mods - convert them to slugs and trickshot, switch up the pellet patterns, whatever.  They've never been my favorite weapons to begin with, though, so I don't have much input here.


And I have no input at all on Rhino skills, unfortunately.  Never played the big guy and never really cared too much when my friends played him, except early on when they could slap on Iron Skin and barrel down a hall to revive us.  So yeah, a big N/A for this question.


Jumping ahead to the fog, if it's used too often there'll be no real purpose in having it, and people were legitimately complaining about eyestrain and dizziness.  Personally, I loved it, but there needs to be some intelligence to how it's deployed.  Extermination really wasn't the best way to use it, since they'd always be ahead of you, Survival doesn't quite work because of the way it's set up. and Excavation, Capture, Rescue, and Interception would just be frustrating.  Defense, Mobile Defense, and maybe Spy and Deception would make for a good setting, though, where we actually need to watch our backs but aren't just constantly looking for stuff to kill anyway (or hunting specific targets).


Also, please ignore the complaints about not being able to find the resource caches quickly enough.  Always such a rush to find the next little bit of content.  Honestly, people.  Honestly.


As for my favorite frames, the prize definitely has to go to Zephyr.  Bought her outright after rolling the jackpot plat discount and realized just how much I loved her.  She's fast, agile, tanky with her health and shields modded up, and her abilities are synergetic and really just fun.  Turbulence is a really great power to fall back on, especially once it's got a range increase that lets it partially cover a defense target or rescued prisoner, and the mobility ones just make me grin.  Volt comes in a close second - he really just fits my mentality.  Quick, fairly durable, aggressive and yet focused on team support over direct killiness...yeah.  Haven't used him for a while, but he was my mainstay for a really long time after I stopped using my initial Loki.  And then there's Oberon, who's not my favorite frame mechanically but is just so fun to look at - especially with a "holy"-colored Silva-Aegis - that I can settle into his role instinctively.  Even before the buff he really just kind of clicked for me, and I'd definitely like to see the "Paladin" archetype revisited in some way.

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Altough I like the idea of energy weapons to have regenerating ammo pools ... but : Amprex.

Regenerating ammo for amprex if it would take lets say 4s to regenerate ammo in clip it would in fact be a nerf to a weapon.

If regeneration time would be equal to current reload time then I have no objections.



Iron Skin: I like what you guys did to the Snow Globe and I think this would be great for the Iron Skin as well.



I on the other hand hate what was done to Snow Globe - change was made to make players more action oriented rather than stationary play. In my opinion as he is now with his globe, it FORCES more of stationary play then ever before.

He is neither defensive tank as he was, nor is he a caster. In general I can live with globe (somehow - but I still don't like it), yet I think his ult needs more utility to it - like it was just after the nerf when it was freezing enemies for few seconds.



Energy Weapons: I don't have one yet, but play with somebody who uses one constantly. Gets on my nerves. I'll be setting up for a shot and here he comes spraying everything, neverending ammo as is. If it slowed down the amount of constant spray, sure, a recharge would make sense. Either that or have the dang thing run out of ammo more often for regular pickups. 100% hit rate with your eyes closed should make you work a little to keep it reloaded.



I believe you have Amprex in mind. Well try it (I mean use it in game) yourself before stating opinion. Mine was good only when I put few formas on it and ammo mutation is a must ! Against higher level enemies it can run dry quick. Waiting few seconds mid fight (while beeing shoot at) and waiting for it to reload is a no-no for me.

I mean I know it can be frustrating when someone is annoying and kills everything before you can shoot it even once. But it is not a fault of weapon, but of player. I can;t even count how many times I played with PuG or randomly join a game and encounter someone spamming their ults. How much you think You can kill when a player is Rhino Stomping constantly, or using Saryns Miasma, or even worse Embers World on Fire. As I said some players have their own way of having fun. Don't blame the weapon ;)

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Rhino Charge and Iron Skin could use a rework.


Rhino Charge: With the introduction of Aerial Melee, Rhino Charge is lacking as a mobility skill. It would be nice if we could charge vertically as well.

Same goes to other charge skills, like the Excalibur Slash Dash.


Iron Skin: I like what you guys did to the Snow Globe and I think this would be great for the Iron Skin as well.

Meaning, during the first 5 sec, the Iron Skin will give you invincibility and absorb all the damage. Then, the absorbed damage will be turned into the HP pool of the Iron Skin.

With this, it would be great for the Iron Skin to draw aggro within a 30 to 40m radius. And protect the team members.

Iron Skin does aggro.


As someone who's mained Rhino since U4-5 I'm just glad Iron Skin doesn't reduce damage only like it did ages ago when they first removed godmode. I like what they did with Snow Globe though and a few seconds of invincibility wouldn't hurt. I don't want to say make it refreshable because that's too exploitable.


As for Rhino Charge I think it would be kind of cool if they changed it so that using Rhino Charge augments your melee into into a charge for X amount of times.


Roar: It would be interesting if it debuffed enemy damage as well as buff your team's damage ... augment mod maybe...?

Rhino Stomp could really use it's "stomp lock" removed so you can use Stomp even when you've got one ongoing. Anyone remember spamming Radial Blast back when it did 1k damage?


Honestly I'm still waiting for a hardened shield mod which makes your shields more durable so you can get more out of your shields.

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Gear nicknames - As long as these are for your personal use I see no harm in it. Just don't show me these names when looking at other peoples gear. Abusive and confusing comes to mind. Kubrow names are bad enough.


Shotguns - I love the idea of shotguns but at the moment they feel pretty underwhelming. You expect shotguns to trade long range effectiveness for close combat deadliness, easier aiming or effectiveness against crowds but they don't really stand out as especially great at any of those things compared to a lot of available rifles. Considering that shotguns have their own mods the selection should really be a lot closer to that of rifles than is currently the case but the issues with the current batch should probably be ironed out first.


Energy weapon ammo - I think there is definitely room for different weapons to have different ammo mechanics. Could be an interesting way to differentiate weapons from each other. I'm not sure standing around in the middle of a defense mission wave waiting for my energy rifle to recharge is going to feel all that great, though.


Rhino - Rhino's main problem for me is that he is a tank that doesn't feel very much like a tank. He really lacks a well defined niche. His only really tanky skill is Iron Skin and that is mostly something you keep on all the time rather than use tactically. I see a lot of Rhinos being played like casters; Rhino Stomping their way through the entire mission.

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It's frustrating to be pulled/stunned/drained by something you can't see. As we get new infested enemy types, please consider phasing out the pulling ancients from whatever missions/planets/tilesets you decide should have the fog, however common or uncommon they may be.

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Custom Names for Weapons

I personally don't see a reason for this, but it couldn't hurt to be added as a similar reward like the loadout slots that we can name already. This also depends on whether or not people will be able to see your names for the weapons in the team menu. The potential for abuse / censorship is there.



Most primary shotguns are pretty weak. Between damage falloff and low rate of fire on most of them, they don't really have a place right now. Maybe increase their damage across the board like the heavy melee weapons buff , or add some shotgun specific advantage that counters the falloff detriment? Something like guaranteed knockback when hit at close range, or increased status / crit the closer you are to the enemy could add flavor and purpose to them.


As far as getting more shotguns, I would like to see more unique guns added rather than a stat swapping gun. The Phage isn't exactly a shotgun, but it brought something unique to the shotgun pool. How about a Corpus shotgun that fires nano drones, or an infested shotgun that leeches health at close range?


Ammo Pool for energy weapons

I would love to see this, as long as there is good interaction with existing mods. Would ammo mutators benefit a recharging weapon? Would a recharge rate/efficiency mod be made specifically for energy weapons? How would team ammo restores affect them?



I've always enjoyed Rhino, but he's never felt right in my opinion. He's one of the first frames someone is going to get, but his Iron Skin teaches players that it's OK to stand in gunfire, walk into laser fields, etc. Once they get into higher levels, Iron Skin becomes paper and Rhino is forced into stomping and roaring from behind cover. There needs to be some sort of scaling that makes the skill decent at all levels rather than a massive crutch in low levels and useless in the high.


Infested Fog

The fog was a nice touch to the Halloween event, but I really don't see it adding much to content.However, I could totally see the fog being great for an infested death mark. Like flickering lights, having the world disappear in front of you as a thick fog approaches would be a great introduction to a true monster that hunts the Tenno.

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Infested Fog

The fog was a nice touch to the Halloween event, but I really don't see it adding much to content.However, I could totally see the fog being great for an infested death mark. Like flickering lights, having the world disappear in front of you as a thick fog approaches would be a great introduction to a true monster that hunts the Tenno.


Yes, this is how it should be used.

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Shottys do indeed need some love and mostly everyone agrees that damage fall-off is a bad mechanic for shotgun and it needs to go and shotgun mods like Point Blank are outclassed by other mods and they need a buff.


As a Tigris user, I personally think the Tigris should have faster reload speed and it should be crit based because we don't have a crit based shotgun yet. The only shotgun thats close to being crit based is the Boar Prime and even that's got only 15% crit chance.

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1. Custom names would be really fun. However other people can't see it. 

2. Shotguns are weak compared to the critastic Soma or the Boltor Prime. They're not end game weapons.

3. A few more shotguns added would be EPIC. I'm still waiting for a pump shotgun.

4. Recharging mechanics would make energy weapons unique and could be more fun to use.

5. No Opinion.

6. Limbo is very unique and interesting. He feels like some LoL mage and you need to practice a bit with weapon and ability combos to master him. 

7. Fog should be used during specific events such as Stalker to make him scarier. He is messing up your warframe, after all.

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Iron Skin does aggro.


According to Update 8 it does.

But I'm pretty sure it got removed (or bugged) like a year ago now.

Compare it to Loki's Decoy, for instance. That's what I'd call a skill that aggro's.


Unless there is a recent update indicating that it got (re)introduced, I'd appreciate if you could post the source.

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According to Update 8 it does.

But I'm pretty sure it got removed (or bugged) like a year ago now.

Compare it to Loki's Decoy, for instance. That's what I'd call a skill that aggro's.


Unless there is a recent update indicating that it got (re)introduced, I'd appreciate if you could post the source.

It's always been around. It's gimmicky but you do notice it on solo runs. I don't know if you've ever noticed that enemies instantly notice you in a stealth run if you tried equiping Iron Skin but it happens to me all the I also use Iron Skin to lead mobs off of the cryopod all the time on defense and use myself as a mobile Decoy. I haven't seen this happen as much in recent updates (like maybe U12 was the last time I've noticed this happening) but I've seen Iron Skin pulling mob aggro off of Decoys. I know it was never removed that's for sure.

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Yes, we need more shotguns!!!


Being one of those weapons with own ammo box, its incredibly that we have Tigris, Boar Prime, (MK-1)Strun, Sobek, Drakgoon and Hek (and for those some guys, Strun Wraith) plus a shotgun that its ONLY obtainable through a bundle: "Wreking Rhino" wich costs 545 Platinum... (Phage its tecnically not a shotgun, but a Beam-gun)


Some people say that Boar Prime is the best shotgun but i say Tigris is arguably on par with it. We need more variety of shoot mechanics, we have a Double Barrel shotgun, an Automatic shotgun, some Semi-Auto shotguns, Charge shotgun... people has been asking for a pump-action one for a long time.



Ammo Pool for energy weapons:


Would make a great sense for most of this guns really... can we get a Imperatus-like regeneration for the rifles, except for BFGs like the Opticor (we could say that they have to use a lot of energy for that massive shot??)





Nothing to say really... I stopped using Rhino long time ago.



Favorite 'Frame:


Valkyr... aaaaaaaaall the way with Valkyr, after Valkyr its really divided between Mag, Ember, Nyx and Zephyr. I'm a "girlframe" lover, sorry :c



Infested Fog:


Use it in some missions (1/3 chance per Infested map?), because sometimes its annoying like a group of Seekers with their Latches. And if you want to use the fog always, please let us see a little bit more than 5m ;_;

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Do you like the idea of being able to give custom nicknames to your gear?
  1. No, sounds unnecessary.

As many others have said, if we get to see other players nicknames insted of what they're actually using some people will just rename their Mk1 Braton to Boltor Prime Vandal. Then it will be as confusing as the avatar-images not reflecting which frame you're using.


In your opinion, how do shotguns compare to other weapon types overall?
  1. Overall, shotguns are weaker than some other weapon types.

When I started playing a friend of mine bought the Strun, it was a beast compared to the Mk1 Braton and a clear upgrade. This is no longer the case, and you're better off using a sniper rifle at close range...which in turn is outshined by semi automatics unless you're at great range.

More spread over range seems enough. Damage falloff might be somewhat logical, but it feels "short".

Longer range possibly combined with status/crit chance changes. (to a degree).


Would you like to see more shotguns added to the Warframe arsenal?
  1. Yes, release a few more shotguns!

Some sort of shotgun that fires a "wave", like a growing version of Volt's shield. "1 pellet" that expands the further it travels, possibly losing damage but hitting more enemies.


In your opinion, should energy weapons have unique ammo pools that do not rely on pickups? (read the hot topic below for more information)
  1. Yes, energy weapons should have special ammo pools.

Having weapons reload on their own is a nice feature, but it would leave you vulnerable in a firefight when you've ran out. I can see both faster reload and increased mag size working well on these, but that is modspace some are not willing to give up. Perhaps you can reload but it would take longer? Or the reload is in stages - one manual reload only charges the weapon with a portion on energy. If energy weapons can't be manually reloaded they need infinate ammo pools.


An autoloader mod would for all weapons would be welcome though.

* Reloads your weapon over time, works together with faster reload and extended mag. (you can also reload your weapon manually).

Draws ammo from available ammo pool.


In your opinion, which Rhino abilities need a revision the most? (can choose more than one)
  1. Rhino Charge.
  2. Iron Skin.

Rhino Charge is good when modded for it as a mobility skill, it is lessened by coptering and directional melee though and it costs energy. I support whoever wrote that it could refill Iron Skin.


Iron Skin is useful in the early missions but doesn't scale well. Perhaps it could be a "shield armor" modifier:
Using Iron Skin either boosts your current shields with X amount and then applies your armor rating to your shield - increasing your effective health.
Using your current shields Iron Skin applies an armor value to your shields - possibly working together with your armor. - also increasing your effective health.

Iron Skin gains augments that let you mod it towards "hard shields" or "delfector shields"
Hard Shields - alows only a maximum amount of damage per shot - good against heavy hitters, poor against rapid fire. - (possibly reactive - first shot activates the mechanism).

Deflector Shields - the opposite of Hard Shields, some damage just bounces off, not affecting you what so ever. Heavy hitters is still a large threat.

Who are your favorite Warframes? (can choose more than one)
  1. Ash - the looks alone makes this guy good (the original helmet only!)
  2. Banshee - Sonar is very nice, SQ is useful, push works...i'll remain silent about that last skill ;)
  3. Ember/Ember Prime - Needs something to make her more viable later on, very squishy and her damage-potential falls off quickly.
  4. Excalibur/Excalibur Prime - I love this guy, first frame. Having some trouble with the latest changes, but is still loved.
  5. Frost/Frost Prime - I would like to like him, but he's just so slow it's painful to use him. The first and second skill also needs work.
  6. Hydroid - Looks like a turd. Might be good but never really made a connection to this frame.
  7. Limbo - leveling him now, can't take him seriously - also odd mechanics.
  8. Loki/Loki Prime - The look with the original helmet and non prime is likely the best in game. Loki prime is horrible all over, you should have taken the fan art concept imo.
  9. Mag/Mag Prime - Original looks nice, the prime helmet though...jebuz, that's scary. Good skills. I do like her.
  10. Mirage - OK, not really a fan, but ok.
  11. Nekros - a little weak but serves a purpose. Desecrate would be nice as an aura to free him up a bit - so we can play, not just press 3.
  12. Nova - Kind of growing on me, loooong neck :P
  13. Nyx/Nyx Prime - Good, but bland. The prime helmet wont ever be used as the arcane ones are better :(
  14. Oberon - When you changed the coloring zones he died. I can't take him seriously either. Dress him up in crazy colors if I do use him...which is never :/
  15. Rhino - Got some new love fot the guy with archwing out. Generally good but so mainstream you're almost afraid to use him.
  16. Saryn - Who? Yeah sorry she's just not interesting at all. Slow and with some unremarkable skills she ain't getting no love here.
  17. Trinity - My type of frame, I like to be the healer, possibly why I have such trouble with Oberons looks, I want to like him but can't overcome the horns, hooves and what ever he is. Trinity is sweet, but she lacks CC.
  18. Valkyr - While I'm no fan of melee I can't bring myself to not like her. She's worthy of a place in the lineup any day.
  19. Vauban - Ugly but useful. The whining and uncreative playstyle of some players tends to ruin his reputation though. Booben's still got it.
  20. Volt - Feels underrated, odly one, if not the most frame in my arsenal. Speed and shield are the best skills.
  21. Zephyr - I can hardly tell what is supposed to be what on this frame. It's an eyesore and far from what it was based on. It doesn't seem practical nor believable. We get that it's a bird...now stop shoving it in my face with these over the top helmets. OK for archwing though due to stats.


Should the fog from the Halloween Alert be used in normal infested missions? (check the topic below for a video if you missed the alert)
  1. No, only for special infested missions.


And very few at that. It got old really fast and was tedious in the long run.

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Unsurprisingly Ember is the least favorite Warframe... Which is why I'm probably one of the best Ember players out there lol. My second Warframe I crafted, and now reaching 2k hours played she's my most frequently used.


She's capable of some pretty amazing things with a full suite of fire & status chance mods with a bow. To this day I never encounter an Ember that plays glass cannon and still tops the damage percentages like I do without spamming World on Fire or spending the vast majority of the time being revived.


Not that I'm saying I'm "T3H B3ST W4RFR4M3 PL4Y3R 3V4R!" But being good at Ember is certainly worth being proud of.

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Infested fog should come to some planet infested missions, but be a little thinner, also I think DE should make a special fog for the halloween and other special events, with a more spooky tint. For ship based missions, the lights should be damaged, flickering, or completely out in some areas, and you have to use your flashlights to see.


Shotgun damage needs a large buff. Fall off and spread are normal things for shotguns, maybe increase the range before fall off. The shotgun should outclass all other weapons in close quarters, thats what they were designed for.


I'd like to see energy weapons have a different ammo type with recharge, also some should draw straight from the ammo pool with no clip whle others should keep the clip.

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Shotguns should have more tightened spread because they are GUNS, effective range should not be that much worse than modern-day weapons! :\


More ammo type pickup is bad news (dilution again!) but something has to be done to the mess between sniper, arrow, explosive ammo.


So Loki is really master race! :O

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The infested fog reminds me of the old Warframe (U6-7). I love it!

Also, I own almost all of the frames (only missing 3 or 4), and despite what people may say about him being the posterboy for new players, Excalibur is my favorite frame. Excalibros, unite!

As for me the fog is reducing fps quite bad so I don't really like it unless it's some special operation

Also,Exalibros Unite :3

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