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November 7Th: Community Hot Topics!


November 7th Community Hot Topics  

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Topic 1: Custom Names for Weapons


I'd probably start labelling my weapons for what I'd bring them for. "Snipe Laser" "Laser that shoots Cubes" "Slash Laser"


Topic 2: Shotguns


While this may not sound fitting for the Corpus, I'd like to see an energy type shotgun. Maybe a Laser Shotgun. Hell yeah. I'd also like to see a few more secondary slot shotguns.


Topic 3: Ammo Pool for Energy Weapons


The only reason I don't like this idea is because mass killing won't reward them any more (You'd run out of ammo since you can't pick up any), as well as an over-dependency on ammo-related mods. Also, x scavenger won't work any more, so you either need a new mod, or make Energy Siphon do something for these.


Topic 4: Rhino


Don't play or own a Rhino, can't speak for him.


Topic 5: Favourite Frames


Excalibutt was the one who hauled my butt through the newbie levels (and the void as I started to get out of the newbie zone). I'm still not out of the newbie zone, but his Radial Blind has made a lot of memories. Slash Dash and Super Jump still needs some tweaking though.


Of course, I've started playing Booben now, and his Vortex and Bastille is a godsend for most of the things I do. Unfortunately I still have no idea how to properly utilize his other abilities.


Topic 6: Infested Fog


Also known as the "Can't see sh*t Captain" mode, I'd rather either forgo it entirely or have the range of view at least expanded so that I can see that god damned ancient before it pulls me in.


Actually with the parasite eximus I'd rather not have it at all.

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I really like shotguns and would like to see them get some love. like several others who have posted I think the biggest problem is that the shotgun damage mod (point blank) has such a weak max bonus compared to serration or hornet strike. I think the damage falloff needs to be left in, I played quite a bit before that was added and shotguns were just too powerfull at extreme ranges, the rate of falloff may need tweaking though. Not sure what else might be done with the shotguns, someone mentioned crit and status chances being a bit wonky with the number of pellets but I can't personally attest to how that works.


The other thing that keeps me from using primary shotguns as much as I otherwise would is that my carrier is usually hogging all my best shotgun mods and I do not have a complete second set yet. What are everyone's thoughts on letting you put the same mod on a sentinal weapon and normal weapon? I think this was possible briefly, but was probably a bug at the time rather than intended.


for the other items, I don't see much point in nicknaming weapons (I call it Vera.) recharging ammo for energy weapons sounds like a cool way to differentiate them a bit more, and I like Rhino, but never use rhino-charge so if anything needs to be tweaked it is probably that.

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The Rhino Charge augment mod is relatively useless as iirc armour does not effect Iron Skin, which is most likely active at all times. A few augments that COULD be useful (as a rhino player):


- Rhino charge replenishes a % of Iron Skin based upon the number of enemies hit.


- Rhino charge has slight directional control, allowing you to bank in the aimed direction.


- Rhino charge causes radial damage and knockdown if you collide with an obstacle.


- Rhino charge collects enemies and piles them at the end of the charge, rather than knocking them down randomly.


Any of these would be cool augments.

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I don't know... whenever I pick up a shotgun it feels fun and awesome and all, but they just slightly underperform in higher level stuff.

Plus they might just not be my style... I usually go for accurate weapons that I can headshot with.

But if that counts: I liked the Drakgoon, because of it's selective spread that allowed headshots.


Restorative Ammo

Not sure... I think this could either be their doom or a reason why they become amazing.

Ammo with an well-equipped gun often isn't that much of a problem anymore.

I honestly enjoy the regenerating ammo of Arch-Guns since it makes us forget about picking up tiny boxes and let us focus on the action and being ninjas.

Alternatively, I would like something like this to lighten the ammo-usage:


Maybe not just for Auto-Rifles.



Rhino seems fine IMHO...

He's a safe Warframe, but just very boring.


Infested Fog

I think that infested Fog could be a part of some infested missions, yes.

You could explain it by the saturation of spores in the air and such... maybe have a new stationary unit for the infested that generates it in a large radius that can be found and killed? Have some dead bodies and still-normal-seeming or half-infested corpus/grineer around with obvious spores sticking out of their body that cause it.

You could have an entire mission type around it... "Fog Clearing".

Go into a mission with heavy fog and lots of infested and kill the Spore-spewing Infested that are in the progress of reproducing or whatever.



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Do you like the idea of being able to give custom nicknames to your gear?


Don't care.

I won't use the option, but won't begrudge it for others.



In your opinion, how do shotguns compare to other weapon types overall?


Depends on what you mean by 'weapon types'.

Shotguns vs. Rifles vs. Bows. vs. Pistols?

Shotguns vs. Assault Rifles vs. Bows vs. Sniper Rifles vs. Lanuchers?

How do weapon tiers figure into this?


Overall, there are 2 maybe 3 potentially decent shotguns in my book.

(Boar P, Phage (which is powerful, but which I hate the mechanics of), and Drakgoon, if it weren't for Slash being useless against Grineer).)

Voted 'weaker'.



Would you like to see more shotguns added to the Warframe arsenal?

Don't care.

Shotguns, to me, are for close-up burst damage.

As per my post in the Oct 24th CHT, as long as my Boltor Prime outperforms my Boar P in close-range burst against corpus, I'm not going to be using shotguns.



In your opinion, should energy weapons have unique ammo pools that do not rely on pickups?

Voted 'no opinion'.

I'd have to playtest first.

(Though this is actually what I was thinking when I first used the Imperator (default Archgun).)



In your opinion, which Rhino abilities need a revision the most? (can choose more than one)


Rhino Charge.

It's decent on a duration build, but until Stomp's CC is affected by duration, who uses duration? (Pure Roar, theoretically. Does anyone play that?)


His other skills all work, to a greater or lesser degree.



Who are your favorite Warframes? (can choose more than one)

Blade Storm is effective (until scaling outpaces it), but I don't like Ash.

* Banshee is an excellent overall frame (though Sonar and Silence conflict regarding Power Range (and Duration, to a lesser degree)).

I want to love Ember, but her skillset combined with her stats won't let me.

I wouldn't even notice if Excalibur were removed.

* Frost because Globe is awesome and I like how he looks.

Hydroid was fun when I leveled him, but I don't think I've worn him since.

* Limbo I like the aesthetic of, and his skillset is intriguing. I can't decide yet how good it is, but it's interesting to puzzle.

* #LokiMasterRace. First frame, best frame. Very versatile, useful in nearly any situation.

Mag is niche. And while she owns her niche, she's not very interesting to play.

I like Mirage's aesthetic, and she makes a good glass cannon. And her Ult's cool. But idk, something about her just falls a bit short.

Nekros? 3333333333333 no thanks.

I love MPrime, Worm Hole is great and Nova's 'Porcelain Doll of Destruction'-ness appeals to me, but I don't actually like playing her.

* Nyx is awesome. Chaos unleashed. :3

Oberon is better now, but I don't find him interesting to play.

Rhino is effective and straightforward to play, no question. He's my go-to for 'okay, I need to get X done, but don't want to have to think about it too much'. Which is why he's not a favorite.

Saryn... Molt is excellent, but her only other skill I really use is Miasma... and meh. I'll take Loki, thanks.

* Trinity - Link ftw. and EV is great. and Blessing's not bad. Now if only she didn't have a lobster-tail... :/

* Valkyr aesthetically a favorite, the animation update Hysteria got is a great deal of fun as well. Also, she's Spiderframe, and max range Paralysis is hilarious.

I love Vortex. I'm unmoved by Vauban.

* Volt is an excellent all-around frame between Speed and Electric Shield, with Shock and Overload being some CC.

Zephyr... I love Tailwind, and Turbulence is powerful. But eh.



Should the fog from the Halloween Alert be used in normal infested missions?

*Special occasions.

The more common a thing is, the less its impact.

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Custom nicknames for gear? Yes please.


Shotguns in Warframe versus other weapon types: Well first, it depends on how the question is defined. Is this primary shotguns only, or is it including sidearms such as the Bronco and Pyrana? IMO the sidearm shotguns are already very strong and are almost superior to the primary shotguns damagewise. Additionally, they use more common ammo drops and gain twice the ammo, and have nearly a twice as large max ammo - this is one reason why primary shotguns are considered weak.

A list of problems with primary shotguns in Warframe:

-Damage penalty for range. A lot of suggestions keep mentioning that the damage penalty for range is redundant because pellet spread already hampers shotguns at range.

-Slow reload. Fastest reload is 1.8 seconds (Tigris). Considering that the Tigris is the shotgun equivalent of the Vectis (needs to be reloaded after every burst), that is painful. Imagine a Vectis with 1.8 second reload. Next fastest reload is the Hek at 2.2 seconds. (I'm not including the Phage in this comparison because it's a continuous beam energy weapon)

-Shotguns have ammo problems because shotgun ammo drops are significantly rarer than rifle/pistol ammo drops.

-Rarity of upgrades and number of upgrades needed for damage; "false choice" in upgrades. Currently, any decent shotgun build needs maxed Point Blank and Blaze (nightmare mode upgrade). Blaze is a very rare drop from nightmare mode, which means that newbies likely wouldn't be able to use any shotguns well for a while until they can fine one. Due to ammo problems mentioned above, ammo mutation is a must for most builds except perhaps for a Tigris or a Hek, except if you want to be relying on sidearms a lot. Most shotguns in Warframe require Ammo Stock or Tactical Pump to avoid painfully slow reload times or small magazines. This means that most primary shotgun builds get a "false choice" where you are almost required to include Point Blank, Blaze, and at least one of Ammo Mutation/Ammo Stock/Tactical Pump. Furthermore, many essential shotgun upgrades are rare (see also: Contagious Spread).


Does Warframe need more shotguns?

IMO: not right now. I would suggest making the original Boar shotgun available again and then rebalancing the existing shotguns before adding more. Here are my balance suggestions:

Tigris: decrease reload to .8 seconds, in line with the Vectis, remove damage penalty at range

Hek: decrease reload to 1.75 seconds, halve the recoil, remove damage penalty at range

Drakgoon: increase magazine to 10

Strun: decrease reload to 2.4, damage penalty for range should be similar to the current range for the Hek.

Strun Wraith: Damage penalty for range should be similar to the current range for the Hek.

Sobek: decrease reload to 3, increase fire rate to 3.5, increase maximum ammo to 200, increase ammo per drop to 12

Boar: decrease reload to 1.8, increase maximum ammo to 240, increase ammo per drop to 15

Boar Prime: decrease reload to 1.8, increase maximum ammo to 240, increase ammo per drop to 15


Should energy weapons have special ammo reserves with no ammo drops?

Definitely. IMO the entire "limited ammo except through consumables and item drops" needs to go.

This suggestion should be taken further to include energy for Warframes. Instead of relying on blue orb energy drops, Warframes need built-in energy regeneration and an upgrade option to increase energy regeneration (which means people have more viable Aura options than Energy Siphon). Give energy weapons a regenerating ammo reserve and an option to instantly recharge them with Warframe energy.


Which Rhino abilities need the most revision?

I mostly use Rhino, especially for soloing, and here's my opinions:

-Rhino Charge: is already good. Good for quick movement/dodging, good for damage, and most importantly, knockdown scales to any level. The optional ability augment (syndicate upgrade) is irrelevant because it only affects armor (any Rhino above rank 5-10 taking health damage frequently obviously has no idea how to use Iron Skin properly)

-Iron Skin: Is currently imbalanced at low levels and garbage at higher levels. Here's how I would improve it (all of these changes would apply, rather than being either-or) :

--Increase duration to half minute or a minute.

--Ability cast time removed; can now be reapplied before it expires

--Damage protection and limit: For its duration, you take 1/1.1 (rank 0), 1/1.2 (rank 1) 1/1.35 (rank 2), 1/1.5 (rank 3) of incoming damage (denominator in those fractions would scale up with power strength).

--Constantly regenerate shields per second: 10(rank 0), 25 (rank 1), 50 (rank 2), 100 (rank 3), even while taking damage. If your shields are regenerating, regeneration from Iron Skin as added to the normal regeneration.

Roar: Almost fine as it is, the main problem is the cast time. At higher levels, standing still for 1 second is dangerous. Just remove the cast time and it would be perfect.

Rhino Stomp: Stuns enemies, scales well with level, no revision needed.


Favorite Warframes:

-Ash: Invisibility, teleports, and incredible damage on ult (ability 4)

-Mag: Excellent at crowd-control, regenerates everyone's shields.

-Mirage: Hall of Mirrors + Eclipse = Tons of damage.

-Oberon: Can heal and also ult-spam well.

-Rhino: Well-balanced soloing frame.

-Vauban: Good for defense missions. Vortex and Bastille can lock down an entire area. Bounce never expires - place it on consoles in Interception missions to make it a pain for enemies to capture points, place it on the pod in Defense missions so enemies can't melee it.

-Volt: Surprisingly good tactical support frame. Electric Shield for cover and extra damage, can make the entire group run quickly. Chain lightning is surprisingly good at area damage due to forced lightning damage status, however Volt's ult ability ranks as one of the weakest.

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4. No, this is absolutely stupid, because it would drain you out of ammo in no time. And besides, regenerating ammo makes no sense whatsoever, cause it needs some source of making that ammo. It can't just appear in the magazine out of nowhere.



Only if they make the regen too slow. Something like half the fire-rate would be enough to keep you in ammo 90% of the time.


The source of ammo would be an internal generator. Doy.

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doesn't matter what we vote, they won't listen, just like with silva and aegis


Same with the Excalibur changes. Look at the votes, look at the discussions...

While Excalibur seem to be favourite for many, few use it a regular frame. Even fewer now.

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Anyone claiming that air melee means Rhino loses mobility has never used a high-power strength Rhino Charge, methinks.


Since you're talking mobility, I'd like to point out that Power Strength does not affect the charge distance of Rhino's Charge. The distance is affected by the duration mods.


Made a video a while ago demonstrating it:


You can travel 111 meters (364 ft) if you use maxed Continuity, Constitution and Narrow Minded.

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Ironclad Augment:

Rhino Charge restores 3%* of Iron Skin per enemy hit.


*up to change, I just pulled 3% out of my butt.


This perfectly addresses the 2 abilities I voted on.  Rhino charge because Ironclad is almost pointless since most rhinos have iron skin on 24/7, and iron skin because it lacks the ability to properly scale with enemy level.  An alternative proposal is that Ironclad charge's damage restores a percentage of health to iron skin, something like 3% per level, so as to reward rhinos in CC, which is rhino's intended purpose.  As well, I, on multiple occasions, have tried to use charge to get through a group of enemies, only to be blocked and almost instantly killed by corrupted gunners.  I think that charge needs to go through enemies, since rhino is some sort of unstoppable tank, why can a skinny little grineer stop my charge?

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doesn't matter what we vote, they won't listen, just like with silva and aegis

Please read the post.

"(As a reminder again, these Community Hot Topic threads are not necessarily indicative of upcoming changes to Warframe. Community Hot Topics are primarily about what is being said by the community and don’t always reflect what is currently under development.)"

There is no 'listening', this is purely [DE]Drew stringing together some Hot Topics to get the community's take on it. These ideas and feedback may be presented to the designers, but it is by no means something we as players are deciding.

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I'd think that the Energy Weapons should have a regenerating ammo pool like the Archwing weapons. It would regenerate as long as you're not firing the weapon, but if you hit 0 ammo, it takes longer to start recharging.


This is just me, but I think Rhino should have an aggro drawing effect on all his abilities. They all seem like they would attract attention.

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I think people are forgetting that even though Rhino is on the hot topics it doesn't mean that he is getting changed. On that note, I think he is fine where he is. If you mess with him any more, especially with Iron Skin, the whole rhinoob debate is going to resurface. If the frame is too good at its job, it somehow gets rammed with criticisms.


Regenerating ammo? Do it right. The game is based in horde mode right now; waiting for ammo to charge will not help. Imperator is a good example of a well executed regeneratve ammo pool.


Favorite frames?


Ash: Mob clearing with cheap and spammable ulti.


Loki: Solo ownage.


Oberon: Offensive Trinity, which I like.


Rhino: Solo ownage, less than Loki, though. Archwing tankage.


Want to love Limbo for his abilities, but it jut doesn't fit me right now.



Shotguns? A weapon forcing you to go into the line of fire to get some decent damage out of them. Counterintuitive, especially with the aimbots on Ceres. Funny thing is that I doubt the Grineer Troopers have the problem, since they can snipe me at range with their sobek. Why is it that enemy weapons get ridiculous buffs compared to their playable counterparts? Seeker, anyone?



The fog looked nice, but I could easily tell that it dropped my fps. If you are going to use it, use it in the right moments and optimize it more.

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So voted


1. I think naming weapons would be a gas.

2. Either remove dropoff damage or buff them further to compete with rifles.

3. No concern on the addition of more shotguns as I rarely use them.

4. I'd rather not see alternative ammo for energy weapons, but ammo regen is interesting.

5. No opinion on Rhinoob's ability set.

6. Trinity's my favorite.  Yet no prime frame or immortal skin.  Where's the love?

7. The fog from the Halloween alert was cool.  Why make it less special?

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Honestly I feel like shotguns are fine.
The point of a shotgun is to get up close and bang, so they are not meant to be used at range so fall off is natural. But taking into account "slug" shotguns then maybe they shouldn't have fall off but as far as i'm aware no such shotgun exists apart from the Dragkoon, correct me if im wrong.

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I think rhino needs to be modified. New players are getting too attaches to him and have trouble switching to another warframe because they are too used to spamming iron skin. In result, each warframe looks too fragile to the eyes of inexperienced players. I saw a lot of new player ending up keeping rhino or having a lot of trouble using another warframe. Rhino's iron skin is to blame but it IS his speciality. It should be nerfed SLIGHTLY so this doesn't ends up in tears. I have an idea of the nerf. Newbies tend to think iron skin = safe & invincible. We should remove this without getting rid of his usefulness. I think iron skin should not absorb ALL of the damage because the player is lead to think he cannot be hurt. Iron skin should only absorb a big part of the damage and let enough damage pass to make the player understand iron skin isn't the answer to everything and that there are better alternative in other warframes. thats only my idea. What do you guys think?

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The Boar Prime is pretty nice, but not comparable to the rifles.

The Strun Wraith is balanced and good, but needs some tweaks

The Tigris has a brillant mechanic, but its performances are quite bad

The Sobek is quite balanced, but some stats (coff coff reload coff coff) just scare the sh!t out of me.

The Phage IS NOT a Shotgun.

The Boar and the Strun are beginner weapons. No need to buff them.

the Pyrana is my favourite shotgun so far. Please don't touch it ;_;

The Detron is nice, and it has no falloff. Pretty strong shotgun.

The Brakk is awesome at close quarters, but sucks at distance. Seems fair to me.

The Bronco family is nice as it is now.

The real problems are these chances divided per pellet and the falloff. Just remove them, they make no sense.

And we definetely need some new Shotguns. I'd love Corpus laser/sonic waves shotgun or something like that.

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The one of the big problems with shotguns are the mods the best shot gun mod currently is blaze adding 120% total damage. But when the there is serration for rifles and hornet strike for pistols why does point blank only do 90% damage and like everyone else has stated has falloff damage. That obviously makes the shotgun the weakest weapon unless your using the phage, which is the only viable shotgun option if you plan on running any t4 mission

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