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The Tale Of The Corrupted Circus Troupe.


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PSA: The Circus Troupe Corrupted (Goodbugis Hilariousa) is a rare subspecies of the Common Corrupted (Fullof Phatloota) that inhabits the wilderness by the name of Void Tower.


While identical to the Common Corrupted, this subspecies possesses a peculiar group behavior, namely the predisposition for standing on top of eachother's heads. The reason for this behavior is not fully known, but some scholars do believe that it is a trick to intimidate encroaching potato farmers by making itself look larger than it really is.


While it has never been an abundant species, it nevertheless faces the threat of extinction. Their declining number seems to be the result of predation of their only natural predator, the Hotfix (Bugus Fixus), as well as concerned Tenno who are looking to protect their cryopods from attack.


Donate platinum today, and we might be able to save this beautiful creature from extinction and rebuild its former ecosystems.



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