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How To Get In Game Forma



I have always enjoyed warframe since i started playing almost a year ago. one problem I've encountered is I wanted to create a clan but without available source of Forma or a way to craft it i don't have the ability to build a dojo or any the research facilities i want. also I am unable to alter the polarization of mod slots in my frame and weapons without it. it seems greatly unfair to allow such a versatile tool in the warframe arsenal to only those willing to spend real currency for it.

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Forma drops as high tier void rewards as well as in alerts and in invasion payments. Forma is one of the easiest "plat items" to get in game.

I've been attempting this for several months now and I am not one to quit soon but I have spent less time farming for prime parts/blueprints than trying to find Forma. but thank-you all for your replies I'll keep at it. any other suggestions or ideas for me

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