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What Exactly Is Rubedo


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As far as we know, Rubedo is a translucent yet lustrous yellow crystalline ore that glows red and giving off heat. If compressed to plates, it will turn into a red and glossy metal with a yellowish tint(according to the Rubedo Skins). It is one of the materials needed to create the framework of the Warframe/Archwing, it's an important material in several weapons, and it turns into a white, solid metal if tempered correctly(well... according to the Dagger Axe Skins with Default Colour and description).


It is speculated to be the main material in order to create Orokin Weaponry, along with Alloy Plates. Both of those materials are common in the Orokin Towers. According to the Reaper Prime's Description: "...an ornamental scythe, with a blade forged from tempered rubidium" and the Orthos Prime's Description: "...an ancient Orokin martial weapon, forged from the purest rubidium making it extremely light-weight.", the white metal parts of the Prime weapons are said to be made from rubidium. First of all, rubidium is an alkali metal. It's soft, dense, very reactive, and has relatively low melting points. It is very unfit to make a weapon out of it, especially if it's pure. Second, rubidium sounds similar to Rubedo, so it can get confused with each other.


Back in the Era where Alchemy was still a thing, Rubedo is said to be the final stage in creating the philosopher's stone, the thing that can transmutate gold and other materials. Gold is an important part of the Orokin Culture and Rubedo may be the thing that keeps the gold strong, sharp and sturdy. Also, when gold nanoparticles are suspended into a solution, it will turn into an intense red. It might make sense that Rubedo is a crystalline with gold nanoparticles suspended in it and creating that yellow, gold-like lustre. 


What do you guys think? Is Rubedo something more than just a red crystal?

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It's probably a safe bet to guess that, with the ancient Orokin race having such complete and utter mastery of the sciences, they may have possessed the ability to surpass what we know as science. Like the OP said, rubedo is a fabled alchemical reaction, and a process of creating the Philosopher's Stone, a supposedly perfect (read, indestructible) substance. With this in mind, it's also possible that rubedo could simply be named such by the Orokin as a nod to alchemy, and could even be considered a little mote of arrogance on their part with the ability to produce such a durable substance. Kinda makes you wonder how we have the ability to work it with our Foundry, but the Liset itself is also a holdover from the Orokin era, so we can handwave it I guess.

All this speculation is fun! But how about a sobering thought? If the Orokin could produce such impossible materials with their level of science, how much more intimidating does that make the Sentients when they could still push the Orokin to the brink?

I also have other thoughts about the Void (and mods) based on other snippets of lore we have and how gameplay works, but that's for another topic.

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Rubedo dust lines the dashboard of my Liset.








Rubedo is love, rubedo is life.


It's also easier on the wallet than Argon dust. That S#&$ just ... *poof* "Goddammit, I just bought that!"

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